Where does the love go after a break up?

احبك لو تكون حاضر

احبك لو تكون حاضــر.. احبك لو تكـون هاجر
ومهما الهجر يحرقني .. راح امشي معاك للآخر

احبـك لو تحب غيــري .. وتنساني وتبقي بعيد
عشان قلبـي بيتــمني .. يشوفك كل لحظه سعيد

وأمشـــي معــاك للآخــــــر

سنين وسنين وانا صابر.. وراح اصبر كمان وكمان
وبحر الشوق يلعب بــي.. الين اوصل لشط امــــان

وأمشـــي معــاك للآخــــــر

احبّــك كلمه معناهــا ..حياتي وروحي في يدك
يهون عليــك تنسانـها .. وانا صابر على غلبك

كلمات: لطفي زيني
الحان : طلال مداح

A song I really like, though I do not agree with. I would NEVER keep loving a person who went on and loved someone else. Yes, I love myself more. Seeing that person happy with someone else is not something that brings joy to my heart. Even in situations, I might have been the one to end things. It is the constant question that haunts me: was it my fault that we did not succeed? I end up blaming them regardless, it’s just easier. Success is something I aim for in every tiny aspect of my life. I want something, I aim for it and I get it. No matter how hard I have to try. I figure a way to accomplish the task. I come up with ridiculously impossible solutions. Relationships are different, It does take two to tango.

Just because we end things with a person doesn’t mean we stopped loving them or did that out of boredom. At times one chooses the easy way out and would rather rip the band aid off. We hear that tiny voice in the back of our heads telling us it will end eventually so just do it now. So why would I be happy to see that person live the life I wanted with him even after dumping his ass.

I have a very bad temper and always end things on drastic measures. My significant other might see this coming out of nowhere, truth is…. It has been accumulating and only now I erupt without any signs of warning.

Where does the love go after you break up?” A question Carrie Bradshaw asked and brought this to my attention during my ritual of SATC daily reruns- yes I consider this my daily sit-ups. Not that I haven’t thought of this many times on my own. We don’t need a cheat sheet for things like this. I think the amount of love you had for the person transforms to hate. It is directly proportional to the amount of pain you suffered throughout the relationship.

I am now eating an ice cream cone and watching some more Tivo’ed clipped episodes of SATC. Feels good to be back home, I missed my cave like cold loft.



~ by Purple Velvet on January 31, 2010.

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