New Year’s Resolutions

Sure there is a list of common ones and others not so common. Some that are very personal; one would never even dare to share. In my case my resolution is quite simple. Yes. It is generally one. Get rid of anything bothering me. Make sure not to drag junk into the New Year. Be it friendships, relationships, guys, clothes, and so on. Most importantly, deadlines. I will knock everything down on my list prior to ringing in the New Year. I will start this New Year with a clean slate. Mine unlike everyone else’s takes place before the New Year.

My resolution is the act of resolving and not the act of commitment. I like to think of the New Year as the unknown that holds plenty of happiness. I will choose to believe so till reality proves otherwise. I will not start the New Year with a list of things I swear to do. My whole life is a bunch of lists. I write them mentally even when I try to stop myself from actually grabbing a pad and jotting a bunch of points in a messy list down. In cases I did, I always ended up forgetting it at home if it was as simple as a shopping list or misplacing it when it was otherwise. Making lists on my Blackberry was never my thing. I have important meetings and appointments on my calendar but that is about it. As for extended planning I still use the old school leather Moleskine. I have managed to get pretty purple ones in these few recent years. I stopped writing as much as I used to and sadly my life is much more messier. Maybe I should go back and take them seriously. I was far more organized — at least on paper my life appeared to be.

I normally start with my contacts on the phones and Blackberry. Anyone I have not spoken to for a few months is gone. If they happen to call on their own they are naturally let back in. I have reached an age where I am not interested whatsoever in making new friends until some of the old ones die. I will however have occasional get-togethers with not so important people but I keep it very superficial and limit my contact with them over coffee or meals. Times I am not required nor expected to do a lot of talking. Nothing besides work if they happen to be a colleague or the game we just watched if they are a sports fan. I actually have no time to make nice and meet new people outside the work environment.

My weekends are spent either working, traveling or recovering from all the crap I had put up with during the week. If I have time I definitely try to spend it with people I already know and care about. Quality time with loved ones and staying in for some peace and quiet are what I would like to do more often.

So, my list:

1-A New Purple Leather Planner.

2-Lots of Happiness.

What are your New Year’s Resolutions?

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~ by Purple Velvet on December 28, 2010.

9 Responses to “New Year’s Resolutions”

  1. Wish you a happy and peaceful new year.

  2. My one wish for you is that this next year gives you all that you would like. Your honesty is truly a beautiful thing. Happiness will find you! I believe this. My one thing I want for next year is more good times less dealing with bs. Since I maybe leaving Kuwait that is looking promising! 😉 no more crazy old cry babies for me to deal with! Keep your head up babes! Tc.

  3. Thank you Khalid, same to you.

  4. Thank you Travis that is so sweet of you. I hope you too get what you wish for now and always.

  5. hope you have a wonderful new year, .

  6. Same to you.

  7. Loved reading your blog…

    I especially loved the part you wrote in one entry..” a classic case of a guy who only wants you when you are with someone else.”

  8. […] in the first place. I will try to mention the positive things that have happened since I posted my New Year’s Resolutions all I want is to be happy post. I am very happy. And old. Happy and old. As I have blown a candle […]

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