What Have You Been Up To?

First off, thank you for the emails. I am replying in a post because this is what I was supposed to be doing before being asked in the first place. I will try to mention the positive things that have happened since I posted my New Year’s Resolutions all I want is to be happy post. I am very happy. And old. Happy and old. As I have blown a candle last night adding another year to my life. No cake just a single candle over a dessert we shared after dinner. Very me. A very adult like birthday with a close friend and a lovely dark maroon oversized clutch he got me. We saw it while we were walking back to my place few days before going to New Orleans but the store was closed. So cute of him. I can’t even remember where the store was. Well, I am old so that is normal I guess.

The birthday celebration had started a few days before. Driving through the Bible Belt all the way down to LA. Which I may or may not post about in detail. It just felt right to have Jazz and close friends during these few days I was able to take off before the busiest week. Yes, my life sucks this much, to the point I can’t even choose the weekend of my birthday to take off. It just had to be the few days before.

Work and school….. it is crunch time to say the least. Less than six weeks till the end of the semester and tons of deadlines that might not be met if I fail to get my hands on that transparent NZT pill. Then comes the Board’s preparation that I have been putting off. I have not even sent the letter back to confirm taking it this year.

Lastly, I fell. I fell real hard. It was like I was sleep walking. Woke up. Picked myself up. Stood up. Dusted myself off. Now I am walking. Soon will start running and will be back on track. By soon I mean tomorrow.

I just had the best coffee in my life. I will definitely have a post on it. That’s how good it is. Got it from my beloved NOLA. I will keep drinking until I get my hands on that pill.

P.S. I will finish Gia’s Perfect Latte. This song started playing on my Blip account the minute I was done editing this post so I guess it is only right to include it.

~ by Purple Velvet on March 19, 2011.

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