Tough Lover

I went to see the movie solely for Cher. Christina Aguilera wowed me with this Etta James number. The movie was gay gay gay. So that was exactly where the two guys I went with and myself belonged. Targa wanted to see it again the minute it was over, I talked him into shisha instead and promised to get him the movie when it comes out on blu-ray.

However, Brulesque did not do that well in the box office opening night and is still not, it was/is going against Harry Potter after all. Tangled (Rapunzel) did real well, I plan on seeing it later this week and using my nephew as an excuse. It’s a pity these musicals cost so much to produce and barely succeed. Same thing happened with Nine although I liked it a lot. Chicago was the most successful out of all these musicals – compared to the two I recently saw and others I might have forgot.

Part of me still believes that musicals should be kept for stage.

Nothing like tough love. That is why my longest and best relationships [while they lasted] were the ones that were full of bickering. As long as it is nothing serious and the couple maintain respect. I see no harm in having different opinions; given you two are different people after all and have been raised in two totally different environments that might even be the complete opposite. Never a dull moment. They did end for other reasons. Smooth sailing ones were never appealing to me. Boring.

Go ahead, say it. You know you want to.


~ by Purple Velvet on November 29, 2010.

2 Responses to “Tough Lover”

  1. I miss u! Never a dull momentt makes for the best stories later! ;*

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