Waity Katie got her prince. Damn those Brits can be brutal. Well, she is a spinster compared to the 19 year old virgin mother I guess. They also keep bringing up that she is a commoner. Hope this wedding of the century lasts after all this waiting and name calling. At least hope she comes out of it alive. The couple met in 2001 and broke up briefly during 2007 after 5 years of being in a serious relationship. They moved in together last June.

The Queen has not been nice to her; and her stupid “commoner” mother mentioned the toilet in the presence of the Queen.Good luck sister, the mother Queen lived till 103 so you are up for a good 20 years of bitchiness from this Queen.


~ by Purple Velvet on November 18, 2010.

One Response to “WAITY KATIE”

  1. Lol,, maskina 😀

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