Gia’s Perfect Latte (Part Eight)

I walk into the hotel lobby and there she was coming out of the elevators. As always exactly on time. Thank god I was on time. I felt a gentle tap on my shoulder along with a voice that almost got me paralyzed right then and there. I walked faster towards my mom hoping he would recognize her and stay away without even replying or looking back.

My mom had agreed to explore the city after I had insisted we have tea outside of her hotel for once. Her argument was everyone not staying at the hotel comes over here, so there is no point of going elsewhere . “Interesting outfit” she says. Why? What is wrong with what I am wearing? “I didn’t say anything was wrong with it, I just said it was interesting”. “Why are you so happy? Are you that relieved it is your last day here? Have I become such a burden that you cannot wait to go back to your own isolated world?” No. I am happy that we are spending time together; alone; for once; that is all. “Yes, time. An hour and thirty minutes is all you have agreed to give your mother”. I did not want to get into a discussion about how I hated London or how she chose to leave the next day I had arrived. I smiled and kept my mouth shut and forced another smile then kissed her on her cheek. Well, we are together now and that is what matters, let’s go now. Shall we.

From the minute we were seated I was under so much pressure; hoping my mom would like the place. I did not want to ruin our last hour together listening to her complain; also, I was in a hurry to meet Mohammad so I wanted these 90 minutes to go as fast/smooth as possible. I told my mom I had to go back and pack although I have already. She suggested that I stay with her and let someone pack my bags for me. I told her there were a couple of things I needed to get and that would not work out. However, I went back with her to her hotel just to avoid hearing a month later from my father how bad of daughter I was for abandoning my mother on the streets of London. I kiss my mom goodbye and she tells me to let the driver drop me off, wait then take me to the airport. I told her I wanted to walk back to get a couple of things on the way; I will call him an hour before heading to the airport. I jumped in the next cab the minute she went through those double doors.

I was so nervous, I had no idea why; but I was. I walk in, check my coat and pick a quiet corner. “Why are you running away from me? All I wanted was to say is HI.” I am not running away, I am here …..

Before I could even finish my sentence I saw Mohammad get up from a table across and walk towards us. He was waiting for a signal to either come and save me from the annoying Saudi that was harassing me or a look that meant stay away, we should not be seen together by this person. Suddenly, I had the urge to just up and leave. Surprisingly I remained calm. Although in my head Mohammad Abdu’s song was playing.Very loudly.


قبل الوعد جيت بدقايق
و بعد الوعد جت بدقايق
و التقينا بلهفة العاشق لعاشق
و همست العيون بتشاور علينا
احرجتنا واحنا تونا ما حكينا
جيت اقول وابعد الخوف بكلامي
جيت اطمنها واحسسها بغرامي
قاطعتني وهمست همس النسيم
ارجوك ابعد ابعد
ترى في الجو غيم

The first part being about Mohammad and I, the last part wanting Saud to get the hell away.  Why am I even putting myself in this awkward position. What was I supposed to say? This is a guy I wanted to be with but was engaged to someone else at the time. Thank god Saud spoke up and said: “So you are not staying with your mom? I saw her this morning and was surprised you were not with her.” I mumbled and said something I myself did not understand and excused myself to join Mohammad at his table. With all the question marks on Mohammad’s face I had to say something; he immediately exclaimed “cousin? I heard him refer to your mom as aunt.”

To be continued…..


~ by Purple Velvet on November 18, 2010.

8 Responses to “Gia’s Perfect Latte (Part Eight)”

  1. Amazing posts,you should start writing your own book.

  2. Thank you and thank you 🙂

  3. I read tweets from girls asking you to continue “Gia” and to be honest I thought to myself that this can never be something that would interest me. The blessed boredom of one night lead me to reading the first of these posts. I didn’t sleep till I’d read all of them. Although your story is contemporary it gave me such a wonderful feeling of sweet nostalgia to days long gone. You focussed on feelings and thoughts and eloquently put them down in a manner that penetrates the hearts and souls of Saudis of our generation. Even the choice of songs in your story almost certainly carry a sweet, or bitter, or even bittersweet memory to all of us who saw our teen years in the 90s. Those words of yours spoke to a boy in me I thought had long gone, a boy much better and wiser than the man that I now am. I do not exaggerate when I say that you gave him a new lease to life, with his sweet soul powered by the romance he occasionally lived but more often imagined. It is rather rare to find short stories or novels that actually speak to our generation in a genuine manner without the unnecessary sensationalism the mainstream authors use to hide the lack of genuine material. In short, thank you.

  4. And then? And then? And then? 😀 plz tell me ull post more 2day

  5. On November 27th. Stay tuned.

  6. YESSS!
    We were in london in September, and I remembered your story to the details! You have a unique sense of familiarity.
    I love the story, it feels real<3 and I fell in love with ashofak kol yoom wa aroo7!
    please continue 😀

  7. aww 7ayatee Fatin thanks tslmeen! I will. Actually, I already did; three more post dated parts – finished them all; over the last few days.

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