This song has gained huge recognition at work and among my friends. I will have it on a loop until I get really involved in what I’m doing and mute it. It just gets me pumped enough to actually do the work and get it over with. I usually get slammed with a new deadline before I even turn in my work for the prior. Due to the fact I am always on a deadline, I end up working at the strangest places ever. I have checked into a hotel on several occasions to escape the cleaning lady or a group of friends coming over to watch the game.

What I found most convenient is just staying at work till crazy hours or just continuing into the next day accompanied with a substantial amount of coffee and caffeine pills just like I am doing right now.

I even learned how to fake not having pulled an all nighter so well. I take an extra top to change into the next day and go out for coffee 15 minuets before others start arriving to give them the impression I had just arrived.

I am on a deadline, took a break to share my song with you guys and Dr Pepper.


~ by Purple Velvet on October 5, 2010.

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