I have not laughed at the movies this hard. Not even when I went to see The Hangover. The humor is in the things said not necessarily done. However, there is this one part in the movie where the roommate DJ’s the hookup.  The plot is OK nothing out of the ordinary. Long distance relationships… blah blah blah. Something I am certainly no stranger to given a fact all my previous ones were. It is real and I have not seen anything similar in maybe…. forever.

Furthermore, no cheesy ending. No boyfriend racing on The Golden Gate Bridge to catch his girlfriend before she gets on a plane with a ring in hand. None of that nonsense that will make you resent your past, present and any possible future husbands/boyfriends. It really shows that sometimes not calculating your every move might come out with something good. Worrying about later to the point it affects today is something we should all avoid. Full synopsis

Won’t say more. It is a must see. I rarely recommend a movie, so trust me. Although I do hate the leading actor what’s his face…Justin Long. I am also not big on Drew Barrymore, but she did a terrific job in this fairly straightforward role.

One last thing, it is full of …. well it is rated R. So, some bad language shouldn’t be something you wouldn’t expect.


~ by Purple Velvet on September 11, 2010.

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