RABAB (رباب)

I guess it is true the fabulous Rabab has died and left us with her music that will live forever. She is one of the very very few Khaleeji female singers that can not be mistaken with 6gaga style such as Ahlam and many more. Rabab is almost the only female artist I listen to while admiring her vocal abilities each and every time. Asala (آصاله) in my opinion tends to exaggerate showing off hitting highs and lows that often ruin the song though I do like some of her songs. I think Diana Hadad (ديانا حداد) does a better job singing Khaleeji.

This is one of my favourite songs of all time. Here is an interview with her at her house. In this interview an idiot that goes by the name Hind gave Ahlam a title of the first Khaleeji female artist. Rabab was classy enough to not even comment and look at the ceiling instead.

Seams like she has been admitted back in January then again in March and it is actually not a sudden death. ” Kuwaiti singer ‘critical’: Kuwaiti singer Rabab has been admitted to the intensive care unit of a hospital in the United Arab Emirates in critical condition,” reports Al-Watan Arabic daily.

ما أوصيك

عنك أبرحل وابتعادي خلفه اسباب
قويه برحل وحبك بلادي
وانت خذ قلبي هديه بس أمانه يا ودادي
يا ضي عمري وفيه ما أوصيك
بفؤادي وانت ما تبغي وصيه ..

من رحيلي لين اشوفك كيف ابتحمل عذابي
وش بسوي بطيوفك والوله لو دق بابي
في ظروفي وفي ظروفك يالله يهون مصابي
يا عسى عينه تحوفك ويحفظك دوم بغيابي ..

الله يعلم كم يا غالي راح توحشني عيونك
كل ما تطري في بالي بسمتك طيبتك جنونك
كيف لا وانا لحالي كثر ما احبك واصونك
حتى في سجت خيالي ما اتخيلني بدونك
عنك ابرحل وابتعادي خلفه اسباب قويه ..

كلمات : أنور المشيري

ألحان : أسامه العطار



~ by Purple Velvet on July 3, 2010.

6 Responses to “RABAB (رباب)”

  1. الله يرحما فوق الارض ويستر علينا ويغفر لنا يوم الحساب

  2. ههههههههههههههههههههه طقاقه ستايل … والله ان بمخك منطقه ظاااااااربه وبقووووووووه
    صحيح انها في جيلها الاميز زز لكن من كان فيه تكفين .. عتاب .. ولا عاشه المرطى .. والله يابيربل ان حسنتها الوحيدة ان اللي علمها العود هو طلال مداح الله يرحمهم اثنينهم .. ولو انه اكل هوا بعد ماعلمها .. لان الملك فيصل طرده بهالسبب . ولما توفي وجاء الملك خالد .. غنى طلال ( رائعته ) وطني الحبيب وهل أحب سواه .. ورجعه الملك خالد بعدها

    الله يرحم الجميع وهي الان ذهبت إلى ما أفضت .. ويسعد ايامك وأيامنا والجميع يارب

    ابو زياد

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  4. i really liked her she was so good ,i used to watch her when i was young girl growing up in the gulf state of qatar ,allah yir7maha miskeena Rabab they kicked her out of Kuwait ,so sad to hear her death ,is it true that she never had kids or been married ???

  5. she’s always acting as herself and not trying to be someone else.

  6. Allah yer7amha o ya’3fr leha she meant a lot to me I grew up on her songs,to bad artists don’t get recognition in the arabic world when they’re alive. When MJ died all my friends had his pic as disply on FB with grieve status when Rabab died I was the only one who put her as DP on FB nd had zero comments! 5sara wallah.

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