Gia’s Perfect Latte (Part Five)

The rest of the of the day went smoothly and I was smiling for no reason. Well, only I knew what the reason was. However, I did notice him across the street as I entered the hotel to drop my nephew off. Other than that my day was nothing out of the norm.  I woke up the next morning all happy and bouncy, waiting to see what will happen next.  I called my sister to check if she was up for some serious shopping and got the response I was hoping for.  She had a headache and had to meet my mom along with some of her friends for lunch.  I asked her not to mention to my mom that I had called in order to assure not being included in their fabulous plans.

I went on to my favorite street of them all; Mount Street. Yes, I am not a fan of Oxford, Knightsbridge or New Bond. This is my absolute favorite my next is Old Bond then Sloane.  As I was struggling with my bags; my phone started ringing. Of course it will ring the minute I drop my Blackberry, try to fetch it then my bags fall down along with it.  A stranger comes to help me which was so unusual in the land of rudeness and abruptness.  I manage to answer the second time around , it was my sister asking where I was. I told her I was on my way to see my mom and go with her to my aunt. “Don’t lie to me, where are you exactly?” I told her where I was and she asked me to drop my bags off scoop her son from the hotel along with his nanny to see my apparently dying aunt and come as soon as possible.  I did as I was told and cut my spending day short.

As we approached the entrance I saw my mom with a very unpleasant look on her face talking on the phone. She gives me a signal to wait so we can enter together. We walk towards the elevators and this insanely handsome guy approaches us. Before I could even sneak him smile as I have recognized who he was, my nephew starts yelling “3amo 3amo”.  The nanny tells him to lower his voice and that there are people who are sick and sleeping. He continues to say “3amo I want a red balloon”  Luckily my mom was not concentrating on my nephew’s blabbering. I was so scared and it was showing all over me. I was shaking and acting busy on my Blackberry trying to avoid eye contact with the nanny that was smiling in a freaky way.  I guess my nephew had already told her where he had gotten the balloon from yesterday.  After my aunt saw my nephew and kissed him, I excused myself to take him back to the hotel hoping I would find an explanation to Mohammad’s presence in this hospital.  He was nowhere to be seen.

My aunt had gone from bad to worse and I was checking on her twice a day at this point.  As I walked up the stairs to see her one early morning, he was following right behind me and said: “I have managed to figure out who you were coming to visit and was not even once lucky to see you.  I am very sorry and I hope she is able to pull through”.  Then he paused for a second, “how funny was that; when your nephew recognized me?” Not funny at all, I said.  Why were you following us the other day? I saw you. Why did you do that? “I was too scared to ask you if I could walk you back and gladly know the back roads. I wanted to assure the safety of you two.”  I am an adult. I do not need you tagging along and causing embarrassment. Please avoid doing such stupid acts in the future. I am lucky my mom has not noticed anything.  I continued towards the corridor walking with all the anger in the world towards him. Who does he think he is? I mumbled as I entered the room.  The minute I saw my sick aunt’s face I felt so calm and thanked god she was still with us and hopefully receiving the best care in the world.  I kissed her forehead and got ready to leave when the nurse came in. I saw Mohammad standing outside gazing through the glass and watching us.  I asked the nurse when I could see the doctor and ask him a couple of questions.  I took my belongings and a list of things I was to bring back to the hospital this evening. There he was still standing.  I did not even look at him, he did not say a word.  I continued walking and was sure he was following, yet did not look back.  I did not want to give him a chance to stop me.

I went to Harvey Nichols; got some things my sister had asked me to pick up for her, I decided to have a drink and think about what was to be done next.

To be continued……


~ by Purple Velvet on July 3, 2010.

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  2. A+ would read again

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