Gia’s Perfect Latte (Part Three)

I went on with my day.  I could not get that puzzled look of his out of my mind.  He looked so hurt as I grabbed my bag and stormed out.

I met my mom for an early dinner.  She had told me about a close relative’s situation, how I should consider passing by and possibly taking flowers to wish her well.  I was planning on going to smoke some shisha but it was like I had to go back to the hotel and think things over.  I felt as if there were things I needed to take care of or something. I also felt guilty about going to the shisha place after I had told my mother that a major headache is what kept me from visiting her cousin.  My mom offered to drop me off on her way to meet up with a group of friends.  I opted for taking a long walk back to clear my head.  She begged me not to go through the park and just as she started to talk about a friend of a friend whose daughter got raped and stabbed thereafter, I kissed her goodbye and left…….

I got to the hotel and headed to The Park Room.  I ordered some tonic and sat there .  I spent a couple of hours rewinding my day and the day before. I went back to my first Latte.  I was scared to go back to my room.  I needed to think without having the option to sleep and ignore everything all together.  “May I get you anything else miss?” His voice interrupted my thoughts.  No, thank you, just charge it to my room please. “Most certainly, have a good night.”  I gathered my scattered thoughts, picked up my cell phone, blackberry, scarf and bag as I got up heading to the elevators.

I waited patiently for the tall handsome guy to walk out before I proceeded. I wondered what it would have been like, if that was Mohammad. Would I ignore him? Would I jump into his arms, hug him and tell him I was sorry? Sorry? Sorry for what? I panicked.  What was happening was new to me. It was confusing. A guy taking over my every second.  A guy I did not even know existed 3 days ago. A guy whose name I did not know until a few hours ago.  I have always had the ability to think rationally and not confuse fantasy with reality.  Up to this moment this all could be just in my head.  I could go back to Starbucks and never see him ever again. He does not know my name or why I am even in The Big Smoke.  I had to snap out of this and forget what had happened.  Me running away was nothing but silly.  I myself have no reasoning for such odd behaviour.

An ice-cold shower will bring me back. It will shake me to the core and freeze my heart.  I will declare tomorrow as my first day in London.  I said out loud as I walked out of the shower. I never walked into Starbucks. I never ordered a Latte. I never saw that guy. My hand never touched his hand. My eyes never met his eyes. The guy whom I do not know existed, is back where he belongs. He is now a guy whose name I have never even heard of.  Mohammad is now part of my past.  I flip through the various TV channels and settle on a Classic music Audio channel.  I  run my fingers through my wet hair as I set my alarm on my Blackberry 30 minutes early.

Just as I picked my cellphone up to silence it, I saw unknown flash on the screen.  It was my sister asking where I have been, what I have been up to. Asking why she had not seen me though I have been in London for two days. I wanted to tell her about this mini fantasy like story but prefered not to. What would I say? It started yesterday and ended today? I promised her I would come over to her hotel on my way to the hospital before noon due to the fact I had to meet my mom for breakfast.  “That would not work” she replied in sharp tone.  “My mom’s hotel is all the way on Park Lane, I will just have to wait and see you at the hospital then.  I will not even consider waking up at 5 am to make it to a 7am breakfast with mom” she ended the call abruptly.

I called my mom to say goodnight and told her what my sister had said.  She immediately told me that we could do breakfast any other day.  I just had to be sure and make it to the hospital after meeting with my sister.

I felt so relieved after getting out of both meeting my sister and the breakfast with my mother.  I fell asleep after debating whether I should or should not go to Starbucks. To choose to run into my future once again.

To be continued…….


~ by Purple Velvet on May 30, 2010.

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