Gia’s Perfect Latte (Part Four)

I wake up and get ready.  I wanted something appropriate to visit a woman on death-bed and would make me feel good about myself and how hot I looked at the same time, incase I did end up trying to run into him.  I walked out of my room after requesting it to be cleaned.  On my way through the back door as I proceeded to ask for a cab, I ended up bearing right, ordering a Latte and croissant from the cafe.  I no longer felt the desire to see him.  I no longer wanted to forcibly run into him.  I wanted the spark to happen all over again.

I slowly sipped on my Latte but never got to finish it or even eat my croissant.  I felt as if there was something out there waiting for me. I was in a hurry. Having breakfast at the cafe at my hotel fooled me into believing I did not want to run into him because if I did, I would be at Starbucks where he was probably waiting and not here, I continued muttering to myself.  My umbrella fell and it suddenly hit me, what if he was also trying to avoid running into me. My reaction might have freaked him out to an extent he never wanted to deal with me. As confused as I might have appeared, deep down inside I really wanted something more to happen. Not sure what it was.  I only know I did not want him to be the perfect stranger I never run into again. He does not know that and this is exactly how I want it to remain. Despite the fact me running away the other day might have led him to lose interest, I did not completely regret my stupid reaction.

I guess I will never know unless I go and see for myself.

I arrive at my sister’s hotel and she asks me to come up where she was sitting in her living room having breakfast.  She complained about her son being bored and my mom not tolerating him or the nannies when they got together.  I had only seen my nephew when he was 7 months, another time when he was a year and then 6 months after that.  He was cute and chubby but did not know who I was and refused to come close.  He warmed up to me at the end of the hour and I excused myself to allow my sister to get ready.  I told her I would see her later at the hospital. Her son ran after me on my way out.  I told her I would take him to the park if he would survive without his nanny.  I asked him “do you want to come with me or stay with Amanda” He grabbed his nanny’s hand on our way out but I told him that she had to stay.

My sister called me saying how shocked she was about her son going with a complete stranger and how I am actually up for such thing.  “You sure you don’t want the nanny?” She went on about how he was not to have any artificial flavours or colors. He would drive me crazy if I did in fact allow him to have any. She also suggested I order some dairy free hot chocolate for him if I went to a cafe.  That is exactly what I will do.  I will use him as an excuse to walk by Starbucks even though when I got there I did not have the courage to actually go inside.

“How long were you going to keep me waiting?” he said as he put out his cigarette the minute I took a turn around the corner and he was completely visible to me. You scared me! How long have you been standing here. “Not long.  I saw you going into the Landmark earlier but you seemed in a rush and it was raining.  Not our ideal situation” he said sarcastically.  “I came out for a smoke after I had lost hope on you actually showing up.  Only after your second quad latte was ice-cold”. I do drink iced coffee, I said laughing.  “The minute I lit my cigarette I saw you walking down the street with your …….. err…” Nephew! I exclaimed.  I regretted that the minute the word “nephew” came out of my mouth.  Why was I so eager to tell him he was not my son. “Yeah, I kept convincing myself that he wasn’t your son as you were walking towards me”  I smiled as I realized that he could actually be my son, due to the fact his mom is five years younger.  Was it the way I held his hand?  His mom is actually 22 I went on saying.  I am taking him to the park, would you care to join us?  “I would actually like to tag along if you don’t mind to assure his safety and well-being” I giggled as we walked down the street. All conversations were being directed to  my nephew Noni.  We came to a point we had to cross over to the other side in order to get to the park.  Was he aware that I had actually suggested he come along before he electively chose to?

He asked my nephew if he would like a piggyback ride sometime midway. I watched him play with Noni at the park.  My nephew started to cry all of the sudden, I did not know what was wrong with him. I panicked and was about to call my sister.  He told me not to worry her.  He kneeled on his knees and asked him what was wrong. He figured out he must be thirsty and got him some water and juice.  I snatched the juice from his hand and told him to give him the water first as I read the content on the bottle. My nephew started kissing and hugging him. He then went and followed a balloon another kid was playing with.  “May I kindly ask what you are doing?” What? It has to be 100% natural and contain absolutely no corn syrup. He is not my son and I have certain rules I must obey.  “I guess Skittles is out of the question” he said as he took a bag out of his pocket. No. Absolutely not.  It felt as if we had done this a million times. Him being a complete stranger up to this very point did not cross my mind at all. Well it did. Only for a mere moment though.  He was really good with kids, I had to give him that. I wondered if he was a Pediatrician. However, I did not dare to ask.

Mohammad had stepped away to take a phone call and came back with a balloon for Noni.  I thanked him after I told him we had to get going and how beat I was from running around after him.  He joked by saying “thanks to me the kid actually had a good time, I hope you get him back to his mother in one piece”.

To be continued…..


~ by Purple Velvet on May 30, 2010.

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  1. I’m listening.. or in this case reading.. hopefully on my next study- break I’ll find a new part 😉

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