Ground Zero Mosque

Watch this I will add my personal view and what went on the View this morning between Whoopi and Sherri Sheperd in a bit.

I hope I can find the video of the latter one’s idiotic opinion. Not surprised, she says “I am not sure the world IS round”.

The View ladies discuss the protests in New York City.

I don’t think I even need to comment. Joy Behar did the job. I love that Italian mother I never had.

However, I do feel for the people against it.  The location is a bit too much. They simply can not tell the difference.  Muslims have ruined the public image of Islam by doing everything in the name of religion to justify their own personal needs and win conservatives on their side.  This has also been done in other religions as well.

~ by Purple Velvet on May 26, 2010.

6 Responses to “Ground Zero Mosque”

  1. I heard there were two being built. Thats pretty screwed up man. Thats really really messed up. Its just disrespectful! How dare he do that! Where does he gather that this will bring peace? It will only insight more violence.

  2. I dont get why they are so angry at it. I mean its a mosque for crying out loud.
    US Army is building it biggest base outside of US in Iraq. Why wont they go cryin over that? Making issues outta nothing. -.-

  3. If nothing else, the location is unacceptable. Source of 150 mil. questionable also.

  4. […] have discussed this before. I still think it can be anywhere else. Why does it have to be here? Possibly related posts: […]

  5. […] mean seriously, I had sympathy here when I thought it was at the exact location of The Twin Towers of the World Trade Center – […]

  6. LOL… That fire fighter has no idea on what he is talking about

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