Set Him Free

Things were not going as I hoped they would. After taking him back for the fiftieth time, I just had to let go and go on with my life.  I was not brave enough to tell him. I let my dad do that for me.  I made it to the States and sent him a CD for Valentine’s.  I sent him the last Part of the last season of my Sex And The City collectors edition. Hoping it would make it to Dubai before my dad’s words did.  Every time I see the place of the missing CD, I remember what had happened like it was yesterday.  This was the only explanation I felt I owed him.  I hope he can one day find it in his heart to forgive me.  I was just tired of our life together before it even started.  I knew he was the perfect guy for any girl but myself.  I chose to set him free so someone can appreciate him for who he is and not remain in such commitment because they were too scared to let go. Too scared to face the unknown future.  I kept him as a safety net. I kept him for as long as I could just so I would not be criticized by my mom for no one being good enough for me.  I had to let go. I knew deep in my heart that he deserved better.  I hope he is happy without me.  If he ever stumbles upon my blog he will know how I really felt.


~ by Purple Velvet on May 24, 2010.

2 Responses to “Set Him Free”

  1. Your best blog post yet! Purpy has feelings! :O !! LOL just messing with you. You should write more of this kinda stuff. You have it in you.

  2. I will when you stop making fun of me for having them. Hahaha

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