Gia’s Perfect Latte (Part Two)

I went on with my day not being able to get that ridiculously cute smile out of my head.  My day ended and I quickly ran to Starbucks hoping he would still be there.  I went in and looked around then proceeded to order my caffeine fix, I asked them to mix in an extra shot or two to get me through this huge disappointment.  I decided to walk back to the hotel and take a cab if I got lost on my way back.  I get to my room, throw myself on the bed and start day dreaming. Who is he? What does he do for a living? Where is he from?  Does he work in the hospital near by? Why was he at Starbucks that early? Is he a coffee addict as well? How does he like his coffee.  I pinned my hair up as I filled up the bathtub. I call my friend while enjoying my bubble bath and was too ashamed to even mention what had happened.  I slip into my PJs and set a wake up call a half hour earlier than usual.  I wanted to assure I got to see him.  I slept while running different scenarios through my head and what could happen if I actually did end up seeing him.

I wake up take a peak at my cell phone. Five minutes till my wake up call. I start getting ready and the phone interrupts my thoughts. Why am I even thinking about this stranger. He surely is not thinking about me.  I ask the driver to drop me at Starbucks.  I slowly approach and this rude guy almost knocked me down swinging the door with all his power.  He was dressed in scrubs.  I was looking for a tall guy wearing a white pristine shirt.  I went to order my coffee and the guy in scrubs had made his way back into Starbucks.  I could see him through the corner of my eye, yet I did not move a muscle.  I waited patiently for my coffee.  I took my coffee and headed towards the door I saw his reflection on the door; he is coming out as well.  He is probably going to apologize. How pretentious; I think to myself.

“Gia… Gia.. wait” as I proceeded to cross the road.  I lingered and continued to sip on my coffee as he came closer.  “Why are you in a hurry?”  He is a doctor? I wanted to tell him I came early and was disappointed when I didn’t find you. I was not really expecting to find him in scrubs.  “I saw you yesterday afternoon, apparently you move in the speed of light”.  Wait, you were here yesterday afternoon?  Yes, I was.  I was sitting in the corner waiting for you to get off your phone then  you disappeared.  You do not really pay attention to your surroundings do you?  I don’t think you even recognized me when I almost knocked you down this morning. I was busy looking through the glass window for you, I thought to myself.

Have a nice day, I said as I crossed the street.  I felt the blood rush to my face and could not hide my smile any longer. I now know when and where to find him, so leaving him puzzled is just what I should do. Was he waiting for me? Why did he come back inside. Why did he follow me, he didn’t even apologize.  My day went so fast and I was on cloud nine. A summer crush is exactly what I needed.  I asked the driver to come and pick me up from in front of the building. I wanted to avoid running into Mr. Smile. I decided to skip Starbucks and hopefully he would be waiting there.

I wake up taking my sweet time to get ready.  I order a french press incase I didn’t have enough time to stop for coffee as I had set my wake up call 3 minutes late instead of 30 minutes early.  I do not need extra time to run into my crush.  I will now keep him waiting.  Where could this go anyways. I am Gia and his is god knows who.  An innocent summer game is what I need to keep me entertained. A game with a complete stranger.  I ask the driver to drive slowly by Starbucks.  There he was, standing in the corner waiting for his drink.  My heart starts racing and I ask the driver to pull aside and let me out. I  felt butterflies as I got out of the car.  I was so happy for some reason.  The second I walked in he looked at me and held a cup up. I came towards him as I giggled. I could not believe this, it was so unreal.  “I took it upon myself to order your coffee my lovely.  Gia, quad latte with soy. Tim here helped me out” as he pointed to the barista.  “So, tell me why Gia? I am Muhammad by the way”.  Wait you are muslim? “Yes, I am from Kuwait.”  I was so confused.  I told him I was in a hurry.
It was raining and he offered me his umbrella.  I stormed out without taking it. I left Mohammad and my latte behind.

To be continued……


~ by Purple Velvet on May 24, 2010.

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