Not related to Madonna.  You can stop reading the post now if that was what you had in mind, or if you are a man who is not into drag for that matter. Come to think of it, chances are if you were reading this post thinking it was about the Madonna album you are gay anyways. So, carry on.

If you were born in the early to mid 80’s, you must have been obsessed with Hard Candy during your late teens, early twenties.  I used to get it in The States quite easily at several upper scale department stores.  Then I found it at Harvey Nichols London I believe.  I doubt it was the Riyadh one. Anyhow, when I could not find it anymore, I just assumed right off the bat they had discontinued importing it. Never had it crossed my mind that it was bought out and basically discontinued in the way I know it.

When Harvey Nichols Riyadh opened up, I was addicted to Nars and Urban Decay. Little did I know that Urban Decay was actually Hard Candy. I should have noticed from the eyeshadow especially that shimmery electric blue one. It was kind of a signature color for Hard Candy at least in my mind.  [I would not be caught dead wearing it on my eyes, I do continue to purchase such outrageous things though.]

Almost two months ago, I was walking with my dad and saw an advertisement for Hard Candy at Sephora and told him I must go in and ask.  I would also choose some cologne for him if he waits on me.  We went in and I was so disappointed. The 30$ items were now in the 8$ to 12$ range. Not that I am a fan of high prices, it is simply the fact that this can not be the HARD CANDY I know.  I grabbed one tube of lip gloss and a palette of eyeshadow and tried them on my way out. I set them on the edge of a display window for a 12-year-old girl to find.  It is seriously like the kind 6-year-old girls play with.  They were the cheap kind that is wrapped in plastic. Drug store quality is an understatement. The lip gloss is super sticky and the eyeshadow is chalky with a dust like feel to it.  Abso-fucking-lutely does not live up to the product’s name.  I guess they thought of reviving the brand with low quality to compete in the market, depending on its reputation. After all, they do already have Urban Decay as a high end line.  What a shame.  They have killed my teen obsession.  I will never think of Hard Candy the same way.  I wish I never saw this cheap brand.

You can clearly tell the difference.  I am too embarrassed to even post images of The New Cheap Hard Candy Stuff . The eyeshadow is in boxes. Even Revlon and Maybelline use plastic.  That is such a downgrade from the shiny metal palettes they used to sell.  I seriously used to buy them for the way they looked. I rarely wear/wore makeup.

The old kind images are courtesy of LiveJournal.


~ by Purple Velvet on May 21, 2010.

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