This name has a special place in my heart.  That being said.

The pie moment is always fun!

Yankees kept us on our toes.  What a game. Winning. Losing. Tie game and then a home run that led to a win. Can’t wait for tomorrow. Being in the Bronx has never been better.  I was totally rocking my new jersey.  Which I plan on sleeping in.  Alex Rodriguez AKA A-Rod. Madonna’s ex.,Cameron Diaz’s, Kate Hudson’s and this list of annoying bitches is sure to go on – got most of my swearing due to his poor choice(s) of blonds.  My friend was wondering how I manage to stay such long hours sober and suggested that I mix Vodka with my Diet Coke since I do not like Beer. “No one likes baseball. They are all here for the beer.” he interrupts my cursing. I would totally agree had it been a game at noon. However, this is an evening game. Had they had come here for the alcohol alone, they would have chosen a time when they would get judged at a bar. Besides, how are you going to get your hands on Vodka anyway genius? He replies: “college girls get these ketchup like packets and hide them in their boobs”. Wow you seem to know a lot about college girls and their boobs. You sure you’re gay? My feet were hurting, butt was totally numb. I was just happy it ended at  ~4 hours.  Rain has been known to cause serious delays.

Reality check! I have this dentist appointment that I have been dreading to go to. Problem is, I canceled with this dentist last Thursday and was a “NO SHOW” the week before that. I also did not show up to another appointment with a completely different dentist. I can not keep doing this. It is very embarrassing.  I would totally refuse to see a patient who does that to me and refer him to another physician.   My mom suggested [I not go until in sever pain]. [Maybe then I will actually have to show up].

I will take my ipod in case he uses his very noisy frightening drill that reminds me of the movie SAW or Hostel. I will also be thinking about the 7:05pm Yankees’ game as a reward for going to the dentist.

“The Yankees – Red Sox rivalry is one of the oldest, most famous and fiercest rivalries in American professional sports.” It is by far the most fun and exciting. Just as the Cowboys–Redskins rivalry though this is football. Not a fan of either, though I do hope Redskins win until they face the Giants then the scales are tipped.  In MLB Atlanta Braves v. New York Mets is always good. Today they were playing down in Atlanta and had a smoother game then the one we had up here in The Bronx.  I never rooted for the Mets.  Queens just does not have a piece of my heart.  Although they are in the National League, hoping they do win against other teams in their league would be good.  It would be super exciting to have both New York American League and National League teams play against each other.  Yet, I hate the Mets.  This is not the case in Football.  I am a Giants‘ fan. However, I do watch Jets‘ games and hope they win.  They are both New York teams NFC and AFC respectively, although the Giants are based in New Jersey.

This can not be my summer.  Baseball and dentist appointments are not what I had in mind. Even though I do enjoy baseball very much.  It is the only sport I actually played in grade school while mom was trying to steer me towards basketball.

…..We are back arguing over the remote control as a couple that has been married for 10 years would do.  I was being forced to watch Gossip Girl and opted for a cheesy movie while staring and my pores in a 7x mirror. Now time for SATC reruns.

It is 5:13am EST.

Good Times.

I want more.


~ by Purple Velvet on May 18, 2010.

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