Here I am in East Hampton reevaluating these couple few months. Much accomplished. Sure the sweet taste of success makes up for all. Still I stand by words.

I have not slept yet. I left to work around 6:30 EST for a 7 am meeting over donuts and coffee. Casually discussing any cases worth including in our monthly review.  I left work and it dawned on me, I just need time away.  Somewhere I can kick back, relax and balance my checkbook.  My life has been so hectic and is about to blow up these next two-three months. So it had to be now or never.  Thank god I have laid back friends that are on standby whenever I get a chance to squeeze in 2 work free days.  They do hide my access key chain to avoid the “quick check” that turns into hours as they say.

I drove in the sun and got this magnificent farmer’s tan. What is even worse, my left arm is way tanner than my right.  I purchased a 13$ CD of the whitest music possible at a CD place downtown – I had entered to waste time as I waited for my friend to leave his office.  I did not have  my iPod on me, and certainly was not going to risk listening to Demi Lovato.  It was worth every penny.  We pop it in and start gossiping. Targa says: “It was around this time of year when your mom went chasing after Tiger Woods with a bunch of her friends for the golf tournament in Charlotte, North Carolina.” Yes, I also didn’t make it to the Kentucky Derby unlike this year, because she thought horses smelled bad.

His scandal took a huge toll on his fame.  At least from where my mom and her friends stand.

We got here it was almost dark and the weather was not that bad.  However, there is a 40% chance of scattered storms tomorrow that will come between us and sunny Friday.  I wish I could fast forward through it.  Targa turns at me and asks “What crazy things have you done this year?”  Not thingS, only one thing. Dump my ex? “No, that was EARLY LAST year.” Hmmm…than I have done nothing. Nothing at all. “Wait what about when you went for that exam down in Atlanta and spent your time shopping then went to the Bon Jovi concert?” You make it sound as if I ditched the exam, besides the tickets were purchased months in advance.

Yes, I will give it to you. It was the most fun I have had in a long time. I wouldn’t call it crazy though. “Fun? I am hurt! This is not fun?”  It is fun.  I meant crazy fun, out of the norm.  “You do know I ditched two days for you?” I do. I have fun with you everyday, even if it is a walk on the river or a jog in the park.  I love you for taking me to buy cupcakes when my dad was in town. You responded to my crazy cravings at odd times and extreme mood swings.

Let’s search for some videos of that concert… ahh… my favourite song. I wasn’t lucky enough to kiss him like the bitch next to me but he asked if there was a doctor in the house and KC and I yelled back!

He is super HOT bet her and her are biting their nails now!

On a totally different note, Jules hooked up with her hot neighbor….. what a happy ending instead of the FWB situation she had gotten herself into.

One more cupcake. What? I did throw out the one earlier this afternoon after one bite and licking all the icing off…..

Took a picture of this one but did not turnout to be as photogenic as these. The icing had melted a bit.


~ by Purple Velvet on May 6, 2010.

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