So freaks are now testing how much caffeine is left in the coffee even when it is decaffeinated. Give me a break! Just drink juice. I used to do the decaf if it was a gossip session over a cup of coffee with a girlfriend after 2 am.  Now I don’t care anymore. I am brewing a pot of the real stuff even if it is 4am.

Who on earth would drink decaf? I got a jar of instant decaf and thought it was the biggest insult. I assumed that regardless of my fake smile this is how I appere to my colleagues and more importantly, people I come into direct contact with such as nurses, transcriptionists and secretaries.

I don’t drink it for the taste anymore. I drink it for the high and fake energy.  The energy that is caused by blood rushing, energy that causes your heart to pound so hard in your chest. Tell me this is not addiction. I was so high on coffee last night my speech was slurred. I do not recommend any of you to reach that level.  This is the second time I have got to this point. The first time was a mixture of Red Bull, coffee and caffeine pills.  I did that the day I defended my project last November.

Coffee is amazing but without caffeine it is just brown water.


~ by Purple Velvet on April 23, 2010.

3 Responses to “DECAF-”

  1. I just bought a new esspreso machain and a coffee grinder, am now grinding and drinking fresh esspreso, I might start roasting soooon 😉

    die decaff motherf***s die

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  3. Please have me over when you start roasting! I might visit Kuwait soon 😉

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