If I fail I can just pack my shit and go home.  In arabic you might say a9’f 5lageenee oo arg3 L Riyadh.

I can get married and quit pretending to care about my career. Have a half dozen kids while I’m at it. God. I know a few people who would pay to have me fail.  All I can say is Allah ystr.  The place smells like a diner, two huge pots of piping hot coffee.  Yes pots not cups.

I shall get down to business.  Two more days and I can breathe. TWO MORE FUCKING DAYS.


~ by Purple Velvet on April 19, 2010.

2 Responses to “THE TEST”

  1. good luck, if you turn out to be the kind that makes ppl think she going to fail while getting %100 on the test, I will kill you.

  2. Let me pass, and you can kill me later. All I want is a 3/4.

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