Well this certainly does not make any sense. CNN money has reported an estimate of 600-700 thousand iPads on April 4th. Today the same source reported 450K since launch. Hmmm

What is even weirder, is that Best Buy has run out of iPad inventory in all 673 locations nationwide although Apple stores still maintain stock.  They will replenish the stock over the weekend.

“We expect to have iPad inventory replenished at these locations by Sunday,” said company spokeswoman Paula Baldwin.

Six Best Buy stores contacted in the San Diego and Los Angeles area said they sold out of the iPad on Saturday, the day iPad sales began. Ditto for Best Buy stores contacted on the East Coast; stores in suburban Philadelphia and Boston also sold out on Saturday. A New York store, however, said it had some stock until Tuesday but has no stock now.


Guess people were not crazy about the long lines.  Didn’t see anyone camping 2 nights ahead at the 5th avenue location either. Back in the iPhone day a guy hired someone to wait for him in line during his work hours for a hundred dollars.  That says a lot. The hype about that phone was something else.

Apple stores sold way more on Sunday than they did on Saturday.  I was in line at the SOHO location along with two of my friends and they have mixed people who have already preordered with people who have not in the same line. I personally think people were more chill and lines were not as bad as they were when the first iPhone was launched.    The mixing thing was a simple action to be fair and not have people who have not preordered wait a lot longer.  I managed to get one of my prepaid ones due to the other one being 3G, as well as 2 new purchases for Targa and I.

How ironic, I was among the first to get an iPhone. Three days was all it took to declare “I hate it”.  I now refuse as well fail to use one.  The damn thing is too quick and the screen jumps everywhere.  Oh, and I have no iPad for myself yet. I am just test driving my sister’s till I receive the 3G one. Then I might hold on to it.  She will not gain anything from 3G in Saudi Arabia anyways.  3G over there sucks as well.

Picture courtesy of rackedny.


~ by Purple Velvet on April 9, 2010.

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