Sign up here and you will be notified as soon as it is available for download.  RIM has finally gave in and will release its own twitter app unfashionably late. Thursday at 6:00 PM Pacific/9:00 PM Eastern, RIM will release an open beta version of Twitter for BlackBerry.

What do you know…. I just uninstalled UberTwitter for personal reasons off my Blackberry yesterday.  RIM just had to choose today to release it! You can suck it UberTwitter. I don’t go back to anyone I have dumped.  RIM has stepped in to assure the same goes for you.

Although, some might not want to switch just yet.  Especially those of you after extravagant features.  Hold on to your third-party apps.  RIM is keeping it quite basic and I am all for that. Simplicity leads to efficiency.  That is way more important to me than all the bells and whistles- that might not ring and blow so often.

RIM’s Twitter for BlackBerry can also be downloaded from the Test Center in the Blackberry App World app. North American and U.K. users can also give it a go from RIM’s BlackBerry Beta Zone.

The rest of the world is not that important, therefore it was not mentioned. LOL? I am not quite sure.

Sue me if I continue to use UberTwitter.  The free and paid versions suck equally.  On the other hand, both have proven by time that UberTwitter is indeed the best of the worst.  When it comes to tweeting from my MBP, stupid desktop or PC I use the web.

There you have it, I AM! A simple girl after all.



~ by Purple Velvet on April 8, 2010.

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