Yes, lots of us share her hate for Valentine’s day.  I am certainly being forced to go through every unpleasant feeling in this world at this very stressful time.  I am being held hostage at a beach house where it is too cold to even swim. I am staring at a boat still at the dock with everyone aboard.  I am nowhere near my blackberry because it is the enemy.  My dad has made it loud and clear that he dislikes my unhealthy attachment to this evil device.  He has told me to ignore work emails on weekends and to not be a slave for technology. Monday morning is the soonest I should reply to any.  He has always been addicted to his PDA. Why now?  Why does it bother you to see me slowly turn into yourself.  An i-mate or a Palm has always been my dad’s obsession.  A week ago he was even giving me a crash course on his Android phone.

No. I am not drunk. Although I would rather be after I watched my dad beat his assistant in single tennis.  His assistant beat his partner afterwards.  That was not a fair game, I said.  You and Mr.N should play doubles against each other. Each with his own assistant on his side. Who will truly win?

So why this movie now?  Let’s just say you are lucky I did not write about Evan Almighty.  Dad was watching it while he replied to his emails this morning along with toast and coffee after a  round of CNN news.  He said this movie about God and Noah is great, especially the part where god is black.  God was Morgan Freeman. I told my dad that he should not be working on a Sunday.  He firmly replied that he is here for work not on a vacation and has a time constraint.  He considers playing tennis with his partner, work. I will never understand how it is done in the real world.

However, I should obey his rules.  I am not even allowed to sigh out loud.  I sometimes forget and manage to force a cough immediately after to cover up the long sigh I just released.  I am too old for this shit.  I am being kept on a short leash and examined under a microscope.

I was preoccupied since I saw this movie. Honestly, I still am. I also have an oral exam that is going to  kick me in the stomach. Not being allowed to work has made me realize these images which have started to mold in my draft. Besides, this has given you time to watch it before I now spoil. The movie was kind of long and slow. It tackled many different aspects and how different people feel about Valentine’s day.

The reason I decided to post this now is what I have endured along with my poor poor blackberry.  My dad has absolutely zero tolerance for this device.  He hates the love of my life.  We were walking down York and saw a friend of his. “So, this your younger daughter, not married?” the friend asks. My dad replies: “No, this here is my eldest and she IS happily married. Married to her blackberry”.

Jessica Alba in this movies is in what seems to be a perfect relationship.  Valentine’s morning, her boyfriend surprises her with a ring and asks her to marry him.  He watched her while she was still asleep, pulled her right hand from under her pillow to put the ring on her finger as a surprise.  Little did he know he was in for a surprise himself.  She was holding tightly onto her blackberry under her pillow.  They end up breaking up because she realizes her work is the most important thing in her life and there is no sense in committing to a guy when you are already overcrowded by work. The first thing she did after he proposed was email her assistant to confirm her 10am meeting.

I felt so sad, I saw myself in that simple reaction.  Not truly giving precious moments in my life what they deserve.  I have postponed many personal celebrations to after I have accomplished a certain task for my boss.  I have messed up my personal trips for work related travel, cut vacations short and abandoned my friends and family.  I am constantly reviewing, writing up drafts, planning treatments even from my blackberry and saving them for later.  My friend thought I was extremely boring last time we meet.  He felt my brain was somewhere else.

I cried when she dumped him and checked in that hotel alone.  I saw myself in her.

This yummy football hunk surprises us by dating the oh so handsome Bradley Cooper. I scream along with Targa out of joy. The rest of the girls yell… NOOOOO. Why was I so happy that he was gay?  I might never find out.

The Pretty Woman is most certainly not shopping on Rodeo Drive but she is on duty.  A loving mother serving her country.

The florist ends up with his best friend that got cheated on numerous times.  Something I can kiss goodbye, due to the fact my closest male friends are gay.

How healthy is it to marry your friend anyways?

If you do not love him nor are physically attracted to him, how on earth are you going to sleep with him?  Sex is not the most important thing in a marriage and I know some way or the other it will feel like duty as time goes by.  The fact your relationship with your husband would start that way is just too scary.  You might end up not having sex at all without setting a plan but to rob yourself even the possibility of remembering the old days is just wrong.  The idea of having things in common for later on in life is lovely.  When you have all the time in the world to play golf and drink iced tea.

I personally think each can do what the other person likes from time to time and learn to embrace it.  The time spent with the person you love is important not what it is spent on doing. Luckily, I don’t need to worry about all that.

Chances are, I will never end up with a friend to begin with. Unless, he is an artificial inseminator.

I just have her picture here, because she is The Queen! Her role was nothing worth mentioning to be honest.  Although she did call herself A Real African Queen and yell out a tribal African phrase afterwards.  Lastly, I hate Anne Hathaway and her goofy smile.

I most probably will never proof read this. Who cares!


~ by Purple Velvet on April 4, 2010.

4 Responses to “VALENTINE’S DAY”

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  2. I think marrying one’s best friend is a beautiful thing to do, especially if you’re physically attracted to them. Imagine someone that you never tried to impress, someone who knows the real you, someone who’s been there during your ups and downs… And suddenly, you realize that you share more than friendship. I can only imagine that it’s going to be stronger than just love.

    Can’t you substitute your laptop for your Blackberry?

  3. Yeah, it is. In a perfect world.

    I could…. but It’s a hassle to log in and out each time. I can reply directly as I receive my emails from my blackberry.

  4. It can be worse then ending with a friend u like,I ended up falling in love with a guy I knew for years nd loathed I never imagined my self even enjoying a talk with him let alone fall so deeply in love!! is really strange 😀

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