Scottish accent or not! This guy is SMOKING HOT. I would die if he would end up with that obnoxious bitch Jen AssTOn. She is so needy, she drove Brad Pitt to the edge. I mean who on earth would go for John Mayer? Best Part is he assured me that there is nothing going on between them and there never was here.

Chuncky sloppy thick Gerard Butler is certainly my cup of tea. No clean shave, well groomed body riped dude would get me to over look him. He is just my ultimate wow. When I saw him and Bradly Copper together on stage I almost had a heart attack. Have mercy I am Saudi. I am used to mediocre looking dudes to say the least. Not going to say ugly though we all know the truth. Or as they say THE UGLY TRUTH.

He is MY SLOB KABOB I fell in love with him though I did not see the ripped version of that beer belly in 300.

And this is his movie coming out in a few days. CAN NOT WAIT. OUCH!


~ by Purple Velvet on March 12, 2010.

2 Responses to “CHUNCKY CHUNKY”

  1. LOOOL so it's Scottish? finally! Now I know what that turnoff coming from his mouth is :P. No, no he had me at The Ugly Truth as well. I'm not as excited to see this movie because of Jennifer Anniston… She makes me queasy :\ Great post and great blog by the way… (:

  2. Thanks honey.

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