This years Academy Awards can be explained with several words and few pictures. I do not think it was a huge disappointment. In fact it is a mark for several firsts such as Fletcher’s. The screen writer of Precious that was hyperventilating during his award acceptance speech which he was not even able to deliver, is the first African American to win for this category. Last year’s Slum dog millionaire’s sweep was a major disappointment in my opinion.

Kathryn Bigelow, first Woman to win for Best Director. For all I’m concerned she is the first woman to kick her ex’s ass in front of the world. Best part who knew she was 4 years his senior? Her last name makes me laugh, reminds me of American Gigolo.

I was expecting more from you Madame O. You got the movie to the theaters when you pulled it out of you purse and watched it then approved it thereafter. I was really relying on you to pull some strings and get that poor kid an Oscar along with everyone else.

So the women got sick and tired of dressing nice and being just her fabulous self she decided to try a Wonder Woman throw back with her boob cones. I give her Breast Dressed.

Shaved legs or not sister did it. Forget about the Oscar, that was a given. She managed to get herself into an open marriage that does not require her to even shave her legs. Hence, this picture from the Golden Globes. All I could think about was when she was arguing about her pay for that fabulous life changing role and said: “I couldn’t eat that Oscar. Everybody needs money, baby. That’s how we survive, right?”. Well genius when you are an Oscar winning actress your pay is bound to sky rocket. So if you want to stop getting hired, keep that attitude.

If you were just wondering what the hell was up with that flower in Mo’Nique’s hair, let me tell you. The Flower in Mo’Nique’s Hair: Hattie McDaniel Tribute

She is such a sweetheart and that southern accent was spot-on. Best part she went and attended The (Razzies) Raspberry Awards the night before and received an award for worst actress on her leading role in All About Steve. Sandy, it’s about time.

She will always be Carrie Bradshaw as far as I’m concerned. Love for shoes, Mr. Big I can so relate. I loved that dress of hers and loved it more when I found out it was Chanel. Her hair, that bun was bigger than her body to say the least.

Sorry James Cameron. Your remake of the smurfs did not quite cut it for the Academy. The modest budget, little money making Hurt Locker kicked your AVATAR’s ass.

What I can’t wrap my head around is that Khloe Kardashian is going to be on the fashion police tonight. Since when does she know how to dress? Even her sister Kim is into cheap bargains and dresses that make her look like an Egyptian star from the 80’s. All the cheap silk and weird puffy waisted one shoulder dresses of hers from eBay (her word, not mine).


~ by Purple Velvet on March 8, 2010.

One Response to “OSCARS”

  1. spot on, cant agree with you on the horseface lady tho (AKA Sarah Jessica Parker). otherwise, you got it right.

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