At last. The conservative Kingdom is taking a step in the right direction. Technology abusers and mis-users should always be punished. Highly priced and shameful distribution of BB-PIN(s) will be halted this coming Saturday. I will not have to hide my blackberry when visiting my parents nor settle for my Vertu phone and be disconnected from my cyber world.

The market will over flow with second hand Blackberries and I will go and buy a hand full of unlocked ones to give out for free in the civilized world. I will give my house maid and transcriptionist one each. Among others that do not come to mind at the moment.

I loved this bit from the Internet in Arabic about the latest ya rab kalb that came out and I quote. It just made me laugh.

يارب كلب !!! .. يارب عقل !!
مساء الخرافات

مساء العقل المصدق لأتفه الأكذوبات

مساء لا يليق الا بأحبابي < اوت

من الأمور المضحكة التي اعتدنا سماعها تلك الخرافات التي لا أعلم مصدرها

هل هم (أعداءنا) الذين اعتادوا الضحك والسخرية على جهلنا المدقع

أم أنها من بنات افكارنا المرهقة من شدة التفكير في تحليل الامور وربطها بالعالم الغربي

لن اخوض في في تفاصيل تلك الخرافات كثيرا ولكن منها على سبيل المثال

Please pardon the spelling as I am blogging while watching the Oscars and wait impatiently for them to be over with. I am in desperate need to go and smoke some mint. Yes, I smoke my mint. You will know what I mean if you follow me on twitter.

If you do not, that is just your loss.

~ by Purple Velvet on March 8, 2010.

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