No need to hate your selves girls. The girl had a thumb double, when she was doing the Motorola ad. Aside the fact she had announced recently she had only been with two sex partners so far, I find this a bit more insulting. See for yourself, she suffers from a condition called clubbed thumbs. A condition where thumbs actually end up looking like toes.

Among the other funny things Miss Handler has said about her. “Look at her she says, I am going to steal your boyfriend”. Not hot in my opinion but I normally don’t voice that. I see her a bit sh3’alateya. I do get why others do find her hot though.

So you can always say, I have prettier thumbs than she does.


~ by Purple Velvet on March 4, 2010.

3 Responses to “MUTANT”

  1. jealous much? .. but seriously, men go after anything remotely resembling a a human female in her early 20s to late 30s.

  2. I only listed a fact. Not jealous I swear 😦

  3. ما فتح معايحسبالج هديتهاطردت وراها لين لقيتهاشحلاتهامورغن مو الإعلانوأنا أصلا أسخدم نوكيا ما أحب موتورولا إلا إذا عزمت الشركة تدز لي التليفون مع اللي سوت الإعلان

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