This is the funniest thing I have heard in a while. I actually had to stop working on the treatment plan in my hands (it is a Sunday after all) , ignore the posts that have been waiting in line to get edited and posted thereafter and actually start this post from scratch.

Why do we always think that people out there coming up with the best inventions are so wound up on embedding some harmful phrase or slur against the Arab/Muslim world. Are we that vulnerable? Time was wasted to come up with such device, but when it came to the name part they decided to give it an offensive name to the Muslim world. Are we that shallow? It was done on purpose to harm us. Well, I certainly hope and wish such nonsense will be the only harm that we are or will be faced with.

Blackberries have been around forever and only recently reached our part of the world. So if the name was targeted to insult the Muslim world shouldn’t we have been the first to receive them? They came up with a similar hallucination about Coca Cola a while ago when written in Arabic, but I can not recall what it was exactly. It had something to do with la ellah ela allah or something. If you come to think of it, if it says ya rab kalb…. How is that an insult exactly? Who speaks like that anyway? Furthermore, rab is god and god could be any god to different people and religions. Our god is Allah, so shouldn’t they have named it “BlackHallaay” Yaallah Kcalb? Or even without Ya.

I am guessing this one could be due to the hay2ah frustration from BBM. Therefore, I say more power to you. I am fed up from the abuse of this technology and the handling of it in the most shameful way. Some might say it is a kind of social networking, well you and I both know that this is and will always be frowned upon in our culture. Instant messaging has been around for a while and I haven’t had random people on my list. The fact that no one is using their real name or picture on BBM is just disappointing. It is a personal device for heaven’s sake. So why are people shocked that BB pins are being distributed and posted everywhere. The BB pin has gained so much importance that people are getting charged an arm and a leg to get their hands on that VIP gold number. Yes, 8 all digits that are easy to memorize and will gain you that VIP status.

Back to what I like to call a conspiracy theory. Let me tell you we are not the only people that have them. There is this wacko list. The one I found most hilarious, was the one on KFC. The white Colonel Harland Sanders was responsible for coming up with this finger licking good secret ingredient in the deep south, where fried chicken has always been a favourite. Then a franchise was accused of putting its own ingredients that would cause black men of becoming impotent. So it was a conspiracy theory of their own, against black and in honor of racism in the south.

These funny tales will always be around to amuse us.



~ by Purple Velvet on February 28, 2010.

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  1. so, true.

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