Coffee for the Lazy

So I have not really been myself since I came back from England. Yes, I am calling it that and not London for a reason. I am drinking way less coffee which I am definitely not liking. Had I enjoyed the afternoon tea(s) at The Dorchester, maybe I would be fine with this transformation. Fact is I did not. My first meal at The Promenade was club soda with three slices of cucumber in the glass, some crisps and mixed nuts to go with it. I asked for a club soda with lime as soon as I got to the hotel from the airport, while I waited impatiently for my mother. The waiter asked if I had a preference. I told him to surprise me, so he did.

I have not been productive at all for all that I care. I will make some effort to get back on track with the coffee drinking, everything else will fall back into place thereafter. Yesterday I had one, no work was done what so ever. The day before I had two, some work was accomplished. The most annoying thing happening is that I have been sleeping so damn early and waking up at 5am EST. Yes, I got my spinning in and hope I have not lost my virginity to a stupid bike after being so picky about who I should or should not marry. Still, I am a night owl and get most work done at night. With this kind of schedule nothing will get done. However, it does feel relaxing to be back home to my own routine no sister or brother to worry about or feel guilty for not spending time with. No dinner to go out to while maintaining a fake smile and keeping up with the sense of humor of others with a chuckle every now and then after a long exhausting day of work.

I am used to drinking between seven and thirteen cups of coffee on a busy day at work. My mug has to be topped to the rim or I can not function. Every time I step away from my desk my mug gets topped off. I am not that picky about how cold my coffee is as long as it is not ice cold. My coffee has gone from good to bad to even worse. I have never been a fan of instant coffee unless I am craving the flavor and to be honest I can not remember the last time I used any of that. Sure Starbucks is by far my most favorite, unless I am in Atlanta then it is Caribou all the way. Sometimes coffee runs are not possible. At work we have a heavy duty coffee maker that produces the nastiest watered down coffee I have ever tasted. Don’t you dare say jail coffee. I bet they have that sweet vending machine that gives you sugar sweet coffee and not water. In a failed attempt I got myself a french press for work a little bigger than the one I have at home, I got the 12 cup one. Let’s be honest who has time for that shit? You need to dump the grounded coffee between presses, no filter to toss and go. I went and bought a coffee maker for home to work from there at least on the weekends and late nights when I can – with all the bells and whistles- and ended up not using it. I might have to start using it in order to save time on leaving the house. Not that I bother and get dressed up when out for a coffee run but still, there are times when every second counts.

Back in 2000 I used those tea bag like Maxwell House coffee sacs which were not bad for my immature 18 year old something taste buds. There has to be something similar from a better quality blend. Sure enough I found them. I do have to use two at a time to satisfy my taste but still good, no complaining here.

I also got these from Starbucks they are slightly less instant tasting and will do when I do not want to move and must refuel to finish a paper before a deadline. The Italian kind taste like instant espresso not bad at all. Ay?!

Finally, I am very specific about my coffee mugs. If taking coffee from a coffee shop it must be in a paper cup no matter what, even at times I stay in to have my coffee at the shop. This, is one of my favorite mugs that will travel with me as long as I am gone for work. I drink my coffee with half and half but without sugar. If it is a Latte it must be made with soy and don’t you dare forget to say no foam because a lot of Baristas get carried away and make you a Latte with so much foam it could pass for a Cappuccino. However, I do prefer Au Lait (café con leche in Spanish), or even better Americano. An Espresso is good after a meal or when out with a friend for coffee, those shots could make me kill my boss if I were to depend on them alone, I would end up having fifty on a good day at work.

Happy Drinking…..

~ by Purple Velvet on February 28, 2010.

3 Responses to “Coffee for the Lazy”

  1. I can't imagine starting my day without coffee.. I used to consume 8 cups a day. Now it's from 2-3 and sometimes an additional cup at 4pm or on my way home. Starbucks is definitely the best! I have fallen for Caribou lately.. Oh man amazing. DD's black coffee is one of my favorites as well.Arabic Coffee alone is an affair I live when mom feels generous and makes me a thermos to take with me to work. 😛 Hey, about spinning, why don't u get the padded shorts for spinning? They're the best! Eventually, u'll get used to the saddle.. but I hate the feeling when I get back after not spinning for a while. I had two hours ride last night and damn it hurts like hell! Welcome back hun! It's good to see twitter alive again! :*

  2. Thank you honey… I tried the padded shorts they feel weird :/ I put my towel underneath but it falls when we spin while lifting. They told me about an additional cushion or wait till your butt gets rock solid :p like that's gonna happen soon. DD has the best drip ever. Sbux is superior in espresso based drinks no more.

  3. 7 to 8 cups a day!!!! And I thought I was tough ….

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