Blackberries The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread.

ATTENTION: Proof reading has not been executed, you are dealing with raw material.

This post is not meant to piss all iphone obsessed people (or is it). It is based on my personal-non-geek point of view. One I would like to share. I was kind of in the middle of something and got this email from my boss. After 2 hours or so, I went back and composed a new email and attached the file he had asked for. Without even concentrating I hit send. My primary email is my work email. That’s that. No biggie. All is good.

I composed an email and sent it to my dad, sure enough… didn’t use my primary (my work email) it used my personal email. I email a follower, it uses my blog email. Note, I am not talking about hitting reply.


Aside from my usual argument of a full keypad, hate for touch screens, and multiple email display… yada yada yada….no one really cares. To each his own. I heard that girls that have long nails do not enjoy touch screen gadgets, wear contact lenses or masturbate. Hence, my hate for iphones and touch screens. The only touch screen I am forced to deal with is my car’s GPS. Thank god I don’t wear glasses on a regular basis, as far as the last one goes, well, this is a clear explanation of my asexuality.
Trust me I have no hate for apple or their products. In fact I was one of the first people to wait in that long ass line when the first iphone came out. It was raining at one point and no one left. I went after the rain hoping everyone had went back home. They say, that was 2G give the 3G a chance. Nope! three days was all it took for my verdict to be HATE. It had nothing to do with it being 2G. I did not even get to that point. It was way too fast and the screen was jumping everywhere.
Yes, I did not mention “BBM” in my above argument. To me Blackberry messenger is trivial. I had a blackberry when the wheel was on the side and it was blue and ugly no “BBM” there. BlackBerry Messenger was not available back in the day. The current Khaleeji “BB” explosion and the abuse of “BBM” not to mention the highly priced “special” BB pin numbers is just a joke. Let us not forget the disturbing broadcasting which has cost me both of my sisters. Especially when one of them confessed she does not even have her email on the damn thing. YES, I have deleted both my sisters.


I hate to be ridiculed and faced with scrutiny back in that region when I emerge with my blackberry in hand. I refuse to be categorized with those shallow people.

Also, the limitation of applications other than the one in use running in the background, was mentioned to me not long ago. Never had I thought iphone would not be capable. BLASPHEMY. Yes, Yes you love your apps. Well hallelujah because I have got an ipod touch. You say browsing and viewing the emails. I get on my laptop. What I really care about, stat emails that can not wait. Last minute cancellations and so forth are also important. Yes, it gives you the option to make a U-turn and drive back to the clinic, home or hell if you may.

Fact is … It saves me from getting fired, my dad finding out I spill my secrets on an online diary and patients knowing any personal contact information. So bottom line, if you set your blackberry to use Default, and you have XYZ emails let Z be the Primary. Default does not necessarily mean primary Z. It means default according to the addressee. I believe it is based on which email you have saved the contact from. If that address has not been saved, it will use the same email you have used to contact this particular addressee.



~ by Purple Velvet on February 12, 2010.

5 Responses to “Blackberries The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread.”

  1. That was a gross post 😀

  2. That is your opinion. People that commented on the original post might disagree.

  3. I was being funny actually :p

  4. 🙂

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