The Bachelor

I am very busy at the time being. When I feel stressed the most I do two things, increase the amount of coffee and escape my home. Currently I am at Targa’s blogging after all failed to get me working. I just can not function in a curry smelling environment. Just to be fair, grabbing some take out – from an Indian restaurant known for the spiciest food in town; if not in the world (more than the one in Paris which name I have forgotten… time to go there I guess) – was my idea.

I ended up watching the Bachelor, something I haven’t done in…. erm let’s just say, forever. It is so uncomfortable to watch these women humiliate themselves for a stupid rose. This episode unlike others had a slight “written” twist. One of the girls has strong feelings for the drop dead gorgeous bachelor, but for some reason is forced to either lose her job or quit the season and go back.

I kept cursing at her and yelling at the 62” screen which really brought her size even bigger than what she would be in real life. Targa on the other hand, tried to shut me up and was so saddened by the fact she would end up with a kick ass career but a lonely miserable fag hag {his words not mine}. He said: “ro7ela la t9eeeren mthl L 5blah hathe ele ga3da yamee”.

Now that the show is over, we have put some charcoal on the stove to use for d5oon, and he is brewing me some nasty maxwell house. I am snooping through his ‘private’ files on his iphone, found a picture of me studying wearing my New York grey hoodie- which has gone missing and ended up using it as my avatar.
………So the girl is fearing that if she gives up her everything- which in her case is a job in this horrible economy, he would not end up picking her.
How far should sacrifices go? I think it is fine to do the long distance thing till one of the two finds a reasonable alternative to his or her current situation with the least compromises. If the couple are happy together, they make it work in order to take it a step further. No one should be expected to drop everything and jump into an ambiguous future for someone other than his or her self.

~ by Purple Velvet on February 9, 2010.

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