Radiation Radiation

So, since I have worked in diagnostic radiology for so long and now I am heading towards therapy, I thought I would put my two cents in a mini educational post. I am shocked that I am actually taking the time to write this up. This is all I am surrounded by day in and day out. It is kind of second nature to me. I do respond to questions I get verbally from friends and family on a regular basis. This post will hopefully put everything into prospective.

However, the information in this post is not to be used in any legal way. It is based on my own personal knowledge and research.

Flying and radiation:
Everyone is going insane about the exposure they will receive from these full body scanners. Well, let me tell you now it is found that each person is exposed to cosmic radiation while flying and radiation from normal sources such as radon throughout our lives a lot more than man made radiation. In fact 30hours of flying is equivalent to 1 chest x-ray.
The new scanner TSA has announced is the Millimeter wave (radio wave) full-body scanners. The energy from this machine is reported to be 10,000 times less than ones cell phone.

These charts represent all different radiation that the public in the USA is exposed to.
Radon was 55% back in 1987.

Radon has decreased to 37% while the exposure to man made radiation has increased. CT scans in particular are 24% of the publics’ exposure.

So dear travelers the new full body scanners should be the least of your worries.

The old Backscatter radiation X-ray full-body scanners gives 15 minutes of exposure to natural background radiation such as the sun’s rays. One scan emits less than 10 microrem, the unit used to measure radiation.
Read more here.

~ by Purple Velvet on January 14, 2010.

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