Yemen (1) متيم

I have been known between friends and family with my weird taste in Arabic music. -No one else other than my father and Yemeni driver back home seam to appreciate it. My mom knows a lot of the songs but totally disapproves. She prefers to listen to Rashid Al-Majed or Abdulmajeed Abdullah. Her reaction to my very bad taste is included in her snob package. {allah L mst3an wsh thalu3’neya ele t7awim L kabd} is what I normally get.

I have a tendency to lean towards unknown songs. In cases people do come across a song which they might have heard a million times, the version I happen to like is by this unknown or possibly dead person. There have been occasions even I did not know who this singer was until his or her master piece of a song emerged on my ipod.

No one can deny the major role a lot of singers and poets originating from Yemen played, as well as their influence on Arabic songs, specifically in the gulf region up to this day. I will do my best to focus on the songs I frequently listen to, which others might know by less talented (in my own humble opinion) singers. I will start with my all time favorite.

متيّم بالهوى يروي
حكاية حب مخفيّـة مع من عاش وياهم
ولولا الأمر ما يحوي
ما قلت الذي بيّـه ولكن بعد فرقاهم
لقيت القلب يهواهم
خطائي والخطى ما هو خطاهم
مكتوب الشقى ليّه
معاهم صادق النيّه

خلوني مع نفسي
شوقي زاد حنيّـه من اللهفة لعيناهم
أراجع ذكريات أمسي
و ماضي ما حصل ليّه بعد أن عز لقياهم
بالود قلبي يسقاهم
عساهم يذكروا ودي عساهم
في الروحات والجيّـة
معاهم صادق النيّة

ما حيلتي ما أسوي
رقيق القلب والنية ولا أدري عن نواياهم
بصدق الحب لهم أنوي
وأعلنها علانية قلبي كيف ينساهم
محلّق بين اجواهم
وراهم حيث ما رحلوا وراهم
وهم ما فكروا فيّ
معاهم صادق النيّة

أسير الحب لمن أشكي
والعشاق موليّه من يصغي لشكواهم
على حظي أنا أبكي
لأني ما معي حيلة لأكسب بها رضاهم
ولا أقدر أقول ماباهم
هواهم كل شيء عندي هواهم
وأفديهم بعينيّا
معاهم صادق النيّة

كلمات : راشد الجابري الحان : كرامه مرسال


~ by Purple Velvet on January 8, 2010.

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