Well Happy New Year indeed, my year has started off with a major energy outburst. I seriously scared myself. I got a lot done. My desk was so scary and I have not really gone through the piled junk since I moved into this loft new year’s eve 2009. New year’s celebration last year was basically a nice steak dinner with dad after I got the key to my new place while they unloaded the moving truck, I then slept around 8:30 from all the exhaustion.

2008 I was in Vegas, with an ex friend.

We were at Tao in the Venetian. The guest who was supposed to ring in the new year was Mariah fucking Carey. I was so tired, I could not stand for another second. The minute the count down was over and I started leaning on the wall my friend suggested to take me back to my hotel room. On our way to the coat check we saw miss (at that time) MC just arriving . My friend asked if I cared to wait for her? Well, if she didn’t care to ring in the new year with her fans, why should I care about her? Honestly, I got the ticket for half the price I got my friend’s ticket. Reason being, I got mine way before the “surprise guest” was announced.

So when my friend decided to tag along, they had already knew who the celebrity was. I was sick the next day and barley came out of my room the next day. I went to the spa then got my stuff and headed to the airport back to the east coast. I then called my friend and asked: “If she didn’t ring in the new year, who did?” There was an awkward pause she then said, “no wonder you were leaning on the wall. Don’t you remember, me hugging you after the count down and so did the guy harassing you the whole night. We then went upstairs and you grabbed a smoke.” So I am now a smoker? My flight is boarding I have to go.
2007 I was in Times Square.

2006 I was in bloody Seattle. The fireworks coming out of the space needle were so sad.

Where were you the few couple past years?
This Year was somewhere out of the ordinary, New Orleans. I have always wanted to go down there and could not think of a better time. What really surprised me was LA does in fact get cold. I was disappointed to learn I wouldn’t be able to make it to the Mardi Gras celebration this February, therefore chose to ring in the new year with Jazz.
However, we were not lucky enough to see the eclipse as the rest of the world.
HAPPY 2010!

~ by Purple Velvet on January 5, 2010.

One Response to “HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!”

  1. Interesting! I was in Vegas at the same time, and went to Tryst at Wynn, which was hosted by Ne-Yo. Oddly enough, we were supposed to go to Tao instead. Small world

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