So my sister and the rest of the family are here. We are a family that can not stand to be at the same place for more than a week. My mom was in Aspen last time I checked however, she might have fell from a slope or something by the time I finish this post.

First night, we gathered in my mom’s living room and this was playing in the background as I entered.

This last one is my favourite, the “official” name is cake oo 7alawa or rather (kaik). I have the freedom to call it whatever I please. I gave it the shishah title. A word that attracted me in the first place due to my ever lasting love for shishah.

Shishah is the only thing I would LOVE to legally have around my mom. Never going to happen, it is 3aib and 7ram. Not sure about the 7ram part but she loves to use religion as an excuse for everything to end an argument. Back to the songs, you can not get lower than low to be honest. The words are funny and everyone was dancing from my brother to the maids. The suite was extreme chaos! My mom and two of her friends were enjoying a serious conversation. [Not sure how serious mixed scented oils (m5al6) can be.] I missed Riyadh for a mere moment. My sister is extremely up to date on this crap. I remember the best part was the few last hours of these gatherings, those which are responsible for keeping her up to date. -my mom is a strong supporter which is very shocking now that I think of it. All she supports normally, are things that cause depression.- The 6agagah is so high by the end of the night, she starts to sing in brain farts mode, we used to change into our PJ’s. I promise to post the fantastic lyrics as soon as I find them online or pay my useless sister to write them for me.

* I apologize to my readers that are not familiar with Riyadh rituals. I should have warned you before reading the post.
6agagah: is a singer payed by the night to entertain whether at your own home, private party or big celebration.

~ by Purple Velvet on December 11, 2009.

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