This is about a book I read a while ago. My aunt had a signed, gifted non official copy from the author. Sarah Al-Olaiwe, made this failed attempt to write a novel. By the end of my mom’s visit, she and her friends have had mentioned it several times. My Arabic is very rusty, yet I still decided to give it a shot.

It was written very poorly. Most parts were informally written, she used Saudi/Arabic mainly with an eastern province accent. It was a disaster! The parts that she was supposed to be narrating in, were supposedly in proper Arabic. However, that was not the case. She had a lot of grammatical mistakes, that even I could notice. Definitely not a good sign. Knowing how poor my Arabic language ability might be, I asked a couple of people in regards to those mistakes. They confirmed them, along pointing out many more. Nonetheless, I kept on reading in hope to find a good part. At this point, all my courage to finish this so called novel had diminished.
During my brother’s visit, I asked him to read it. I wanted to find out if it was worth the pain. I told my brother “I think I am missing something, I really don’t get it.” In hope for my poor brother to finish the book and applaud Sarah on her magnificent job. I handed it to him and promised that I would be forcing myself to finish it. He read a few pages, then announced it as one lousy book. “Who is she?” he said, as he flipped back to the cover. How stupid can this publisher be? Aside from being written in a very sloppy way, it certainly does not give you that; how will it end feeling . It was more like; when will it end? I hope there is a point at the end.
It reminded us of Banat Al-Riyadh. Even the later one, among all the success and hype I still would not call a novel. It was a bunch of emails crammed into a book, and labeled as a novel. Truth to be said, Banat Al- Riyadh is far more entertaining. I might be a bit bias, the fact it was written in a semi-Najdy accent.
Lastly, this my own humble opinion. However, one part I can not argue with was her choice of the title. Saudiat, which means female Saudis, was a very powerful choice indeed. It got me ordering it, all the way from New York. I also ordered another book, which I will discuss on a separate post.
PS I have received several emails, which were asking about the package. This book; along with the other one, were the contents of the mysterious package.

~ by Purple Velvet on November 26, 2009.

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