Never Lie to Your Boss! OK… Almost Never..

I have been neglecting my poor blog for 2 reasons:
-The fact I have a huge dead line that is causing me to lose sleep and twitter! Yes, twitter is to blame! I tweet every single thing I do, feel or want. Nothing really left to blog about. I will not finish this post now because it was kind of a test post and the title is kind of a piece of advise… Let’s just say I learned the hard way!
Yes.. I am sorry to tell you I will be blogging on the go! That is the only way I can not neglect my poor blog.
So tata and let it snow god dammit!I hate winter

In case you didn’t realize this was posted from my Blackberry… but I have edited it now from my lap top…..
I have a lot to say and will start Friday night…… I love you stranger ….who reads my silly posts…

~ by Purple Velvet on October 30, 2009.

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