After this opening statement I think you all know where I’m going with this. 15 minutes ago I was locked out of my apartment barefoot with no cell phone. The reason why? I am too good of a person to even exist. Guess my week of bad luck is not yet over!!!
After an early football game with a bunch of beer buddies and chicken wings, I thought it was too early to call it a night and be the good girl I am. I went to my only resource of happiness feeling good, where I am constantly reminded there is more to life than work. Besides, they were all dragging their drunk asses home after one beer to many and I needed a different kind of high due to the fact I hate beer. I needed my shisha the place was quit empty which was even better. I order my regular plain Turkish coffee and the girl that works there suggests I get wild and go for a lemon flavored shisha instead of my regular grape or mint.
I smoked and felt happy. Got a chance to speak Arabic and hear some jokes I relate to.
I drag my tired ass back and as I was checking the mail I spot a credit card on the floor. I walk out and check if someone just dropped it, and then go back in. I decide to do the unthinkable. So….tape it to the mail boxes? Or throw it in the out going mail and the mail man will find it? No!! I decide to take it and keep it and stick a note with the owners name on it to call me. Assuming no one walks with post its in their purse, I walk in my loft place my stuff on the table, take off my heels and I write a little note on my purple colored post its. I walk out barefoot to stick it on the main entrance which is literally 3 feet away since my loft is a ground level street facing unit. The minute I stuck that note on the glass door I remembered the note I was reading 10 minutes ago about who to call if you ever get locked out (that note was just hung on the wall recently).
So here I am barefoot, no cell to even call the number and walking in circles. I go back to my door, turn the knob and kick the door. I hear weird sounds coming from my neighbors loft and tell my self: this might not be a good time to knock. I wait a while and then decide to knock, he asks me: is this Lori? I respond: no this is your neighbor… (who has never ever said hi or smiled). I need to call the concierge to open my unit, I locked my self out. (which is 2 blocks away) – I would never be caught dead walking bare foot in the street. – He says: I’ll be there in a minute, I am in the middle of something right now. I tell him: it’s not a problem. As I wait a guy comes, calls the door man and I am let in my unit. The doorman says: Miss, there is a fee for letting you in after midnight. I looked at him and said: I don’t have a choice now do I? Just tell me how much. I hand him the check and the damn credit card and keep telling my self:

p.s. will not proof read this damn post ever!!!

~ by Purple Velvet on October 4, 2009.

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