Khaleeji Prostitution

Relationships or rather relations of any kind (sexual,business,blood…etc.) can really be a pain in the ass. That been said… I will discuss explicitly relationships between two human beings (a man and a woman in this case) whether based on love and trust; aiming for a happily ever after, or an exchange of power. Money is power and so is sex.

There is the simple exchange of power. Then we have the mainstream khaleeji prostitution, where sex is given in exchange for an iphone, a GUCCI bag or whatever other lame thing the girl has in mind. This has become more common since I left the gulf area around four years ago. Yes girls, wake up. This is prostitution. I should not even have to tell you. You have minds of your own. Therefore, you should be able to tell the difference between a gift and the cheap price they pay you – or rather you demand.
Does this make you feel better about yourself? (no judgment) Why give it for free right? My only disappointment as far as I’m concerned, is that we are almost 2010 and Saudi girls still like Gucci.

Why do guys keep up with this, is very confusing. Why not go for the classic pimp and whore? Why get themselves into a sticky situation? They are not going to marry her to begin with. Is it the idea of the girl not being officially a hooker? What about the trouble that might come along such as her parents finding out and whatnot?

Normal sexual relations do exist in the gulf region. Normally based on lust or simply having a good time together without thinking about the complicated future this may or may not lead to. I seriously envy this group and therefore will not discuss their situation. I just thought I would throw it out there to be fair. 

I myself have been through many relationships and know how confused khaleeji guys can be. However, I have always been caught up in straightening out the little folds that happen during the battle and making sure that a strong base is formed in order to move forward. Yes, it has always felt that way to me. I have never enjoyed the time spent… OK, I did enjoy the arguments.
Sex was completely out of the question,(and will always be) not because I don’t want to or because it is forbidden by our culture and religion. – I could easily lie to you dear stranger and say that was the reason.- As a matter of fact, my only reason always was in hope to end up with the love of my life forever – or so I thought at the time. In the case I don’t. I haven’t lost. (which is how things have turned out , up till this moment even after getting engaged to a couple of them). The minute sex is involved… know the rest. Say farewell to the future you had been planning. He will ask for the help of his mother now. 


I can not even remember the number of guys I have been fixed up with through family, friends or even ex(s). If I were to say seventy, I would not be exaggerating. However, several did not even make it through 5 minutes over the phone. I would simply excuse myself and save the number as spam so I do not pick up until he quits calling. Other times, I would call the person that has set me up and ask him/her to fix this huge mistake. 


This is how I roll. I have nothing to regret at all… besides having a reputation of being a moody bitch with a bad temper, that has zero tolerance for bullshit and will most probably end up alone. 

P.S. The lovely future bride to be, was sent to me by my ex fiancé.







~ by Purple Velvet on September 26, 2009.

4 Responses to “Khaleeji Prostitution”

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  2. 6afshan said…
    November 14, 2009 2:50 AM
    Well said author. This is the dilemma the Saudi/GCC youth goes through. Guy: if I want any part of her, I just need to pay?! Some/most of the girls: hooray! Then we speak about solid/actual relations. The guy, then, asks himself, so does the girl, how can I know this s a truthful one?! Am I welling to take the risk? Neh! So both genders keep on playing until they grew mature or have a shocking moment that awakens them up, mostly too late.

    The GCC guy, Saudis specifically as that’s where I come from, takes it as a challenge. They seek revenge from the community, from the forbidden girl next door, from the Haram look or chat, and many other factors. It’s easier and cheaper to travel and have a hooker, oops. Yet, they would prefer to pay the price doubled and taste that feeling that they rebelled and made there own rebellious decision. Even if the “moral/emotional” along with the financial price is much higher than just a Gucci or a Burberry! They want to nail down the forbidden, the strictly forbidden. They want the upper hand all the way and control the relation as they were controlled as to what to do and what not. Girls, same case scenario. They want to taste the forbidden and have control over the opposite sex, by controlling the price of sex. A meeting is an expensive dinner along with perfume the least. A kiss is worth an iPhone, and the backdoor is worth a LV, oops again! The more the girls get, the more she can brag about it amongst here peer and fulfill her desires. The key desire, I am worth noticing. I am not a figure behind the Abayeah no one notices. Look: I have this number of gifts that proves my beauty and superiority.

    Hence, it all comes to the sick segregation and frightening feelings the older generation spread in the air. It is all a matter of rebelling, I think.

  3. There is no Mr.perfect, and no perfect woman either … they both should compromise, learn to settle for something realistic, not a Disney movie ending.
    about the khalejee prostitution bit, maybe I’m blind, but I don’t see it as that prolific, I’m curious about your sources.
    One final thing …. “sticky situation” … *immature laughter*

  4. I am not looking for perfect. Just someone that does not irritate me more than an hour a day. My threshold has been raised over the years. Yeah, I know even that is very hard given the fact I hate humans in general.

    Sources? I do not need sources. I know specifically who I am talking about. You would be surprised they are neither poor nor in need. They just don’t feel they should be offering anything for free. The days people cared about love are long gone. Since the nonexistence of happy endings was proven. Feel free to read the comment above.

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