Yes I am back with my controversial HOT TOPICS….. If you don’t like them stop reading and
close the page right now. I have been waiting for the Holy month to be over in order to post
some of the topics that have started to mold in my draft folder. Last night I spent a good 3 hours
ichatting with Targa and he had a bit too much to say about me opting for posting what I have
in mind via posting a song that says it all.
I miss him so much but let’s not forget this is not the main reason of this post.

A While ago we visited FUNKY TOWN and some of you had very strong opinions, which all
I respect whether opposing or not. Today, we will be visiting a town a little less mysterious at
least to most girls. We all have seen them in schools,malls and gatherings.
Some closeted more flaunting it. A wider group in Saudi especially Riyadh admitting it as
a plan for the time being until marriage due us part.

The group who are flaunting it normally justify it by complaining about guys and how:

1-They screw them up.
2-They get in trouble with there parents if they ever got caught even talking to them on the phone.
3-There is never a happy ending (never say never? No, it’s totally OK)
4-It is almost impossible to go on a date with them in Riyadh.
by DATE: I don’t mean have sex like the mainstream Saudi/khaleeji understand it. I mean have
dinner or grab some coffee or simply go for a walk… yeah right, a walk in the blistering heat.
50 degrees Celsius nonetheless.

I could not agree more. My problem comes within. I can not satisfy my emotional needs with
trying to feel something for another girl just because the circumstances are impossible for a
normal relationship. By normal I mean what is normal according to my desire and beliefs.
However, I also believe that to each her own and can live it as she pleases with no
right to judge others.

There is an annoying group that try to fit in and flaunt it by hitting on every straight girl they come
across. I define them as the sexually confused, or simply the wanna-be(s).
Mostley 16 year olds or bitter Divorcée'(s)

I seriously think it is amazing that they were able to find satisfaction for their needs being
emotional or physical. Whether the solution is temporary or permanent.
If they are only attracted to girls and have never been into boys, well even better….. this way
they will be able to skip therapy when they decide to move back to the other side because it will
never happen….or will it?

I was shocked to know that 2 of my friends were still with their lesbian lovers even after marriage.
I asked one of them if her husband knew or had any suspicions. She said she didn’t really care.
She as well is giving a blind eye to all his questionable actions. I didn’t ask if by that she meant
he also had a gay side or girlfriends. The other friend is 100% lesbian. Married her cousin
for her family and is still with him for their 3 daughters. She is known by name to be a
very famous lesbian in Riyadh and she makes an appearance in every glamorous gathering.
I highly doubt her cousin/husband has never heard of it or she would actually even deny it if he
asked. Still…Life Goes on.





~ by Purple Velvet on September 25, 2009.

2 Responses to “LEZZY TOWN”

  1. We had it coming. There was no way to avoid it. We were born into a society built upon fake piety. Boys and girls were segregated and denied their human right for love and affection of the other. Everyone pretended that this was the way to go and we all forgot that only a generation or two ago love stories were all that people gossiped about and we have tales and poems as proof. But no, we will shut the door to this great evil and segregate boys from the evil, seductive, weak girls (I’m yet to understand the oxymoron there). Well come on, tell the truth, they succeeded! Or did they? Well on the surface perhaps, but you don’t have to dig too deep to see what social diseases we were left with.

    They wanted light, instead they created darkness in which everyone can move freely and do as they wish, no one can see, no one knows and thus no one can judge! Love turned mostly into quick flings and romance into lust and sex. Homosexuality became an option for those who have less room to manoeuvre. I bet it made it even more confusing for real homosexuals! And extramarital affairs are always the dish of the day.

    Serves them (or is it us?) right! We could’ve just remained normal people like almost everyone else in this world. Things could’ve been out in the open where respect is a must and where there’s very little room for secrets. Sickening, I wish them dreadful lives and eternity in hell. We all know who they are!

  2. Couldn’t say it any better even if I wanted to.

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