Yes, ladies and gentlemen. I have been caught up with the holy month of no food and drink. While working ~13 hours a day, 6 days a week. Drinking Arabic coffee from anything other than dallah is not the same. I don’t have time to make arabic coffee and drink it with finjal alone, it is not fun! You have to talk with somebody and sip it slowly. I make mine in a huge mug after my mom sent me this semi instant kind! Although I have to admit this Ramadan is a bit better because my brother is around.

Let’s not forget that a lot of my posts contain a lot of bitching and swearing thus, not suitable for this time of year. I will not take on someone else’s hatred just because they read something inappropriate in their opinion. However, I will try to post a couple of meaningless boring posts, to assure I am still alive and did not quit.

What is Ramadhan really about? Why do we starve our selves. Is not eating and drinking really helping anybody? Are we just performing this Pillar of Islam just because we have to? By starving we feel for the poor and then what? Starving with them is certainly not going to help them! There is more to it then just quiting your food and drink. How about feeding the poor?

In Saudi Arabia, Ramadan has a special feel to it one can not describe. This is my fourth year away from home. In Riyadh, I can sum up Ramadan with 2 things. Lots of food and staying up till the morning. Let’s not forget the shopping marathon for eid till the early hours of dawn that gets crazier as Eid gets closer. The streets of Riyadh are absolutely unbearable.
In the Arab world, Ramadan is more and more TV, basically after we break our fast every family is glued to the TV set till s7oor. If not the whole family, at least one member sure will be.
There are the religious aspects that a lot of people preform which are long prayers at 8-10pm. Then the last 10 days they preform another set called qiyam from 2-4. The mentioned times are not precise. Another part of this holy month is family gatherings. Even though most of the families have there meals on regular days individually depending on each member’s time, in Ramadan almost all families will have f6or or in more proper Arabic Iftar together. Visiting distant family is also a very common thing that is practiced heavily during this month.
This post was kind of a walk through memory lane. I would give anything to spend one day of Ramadan in Riyadh. I miss everything about it very, very much….. sigh

~ by Purple Velvet on September 8, 2009.

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