*I think there is something in it? (hello!!! it’s weed? It is the thing?)
*I think we are dying.. actually I think we are dead!

These two lines get me every time… it is kinda old but I go back and watch it every time… never gets old… the anchor snorting is a totally different story!

The full version although not as funny….

I love brownies and would Love to try this recipe 🙂

Never new they were popular till I googled them after seeing this on the news 2 years ago. Then a month ago a fellow tweeter told me they are called space brownies, after I told him I was high on brownies and how good they were! He asked are you sure they aren’t space brownies?

My future lover @DU3A just offered to make me weed cupcakes…very creative I must admit!

people not following me on twitter, don’t get too excited… this is part of my crazy act on twitter…never did weed but sure hope I get a chance!!

This is the hottie ANdy Cooper reporting on this story and saying: “they were just stoned.” Listen hottie you better come back straight in the next life!!!

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~ by Purple Velvet on August 19, 2009.

One Response to “BROWNIES&WEED”

  1. I love brownies, they can get you so ridiculously high. Hey, do you want to do a link exchange, since our blogs are both pot related?

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