Of course because I am studying, all sorts of stuff is fun to do all the sudden! Even my poor blog that I barely give any attention is calling my name! I open a stupid chain email from one of my friends before I block her ass like my partner; whom I have blocked after several warnings from my side and constantly begging her to remove my email from the friend list she sends all sorts of crap and shit in Arabic that mostly never makes sense-at least to me it doesn’t- or is an email that tries to make you feel bad about your self by saying: you might burn in hell. In fact every move you make is just bringing you closer to landing that VIP spot in JAHANM! Anyways back to the game if you may, I liked the idea so much, I’ve decided to start it here on my own blog! GAME or whatever you want to call it… just do it!

And yes they both know they have been /will be blocked. My partner was trying to get me to undo my labeling her email as spam in the name of emailing me about our joint business. I told her she can call, she responded and I quote“you never pick up your phone bitch!” I told her to call my home or car… she said “I call all your numbers, cell other cell, home, car and plane!!!” (I don’t have a plane but someday I will own a boat not necessarily a yacht )

I am escaping to the beach tomorrow before my new semester starts NEXT MONDAY. NOTE that I am not done yet with this semester, although it officially ended 8 days ago but I still have pending assignments to do. That idea was a good enough encouragement for me to study for the last time before I take off for my weekend getaway… lots of sun, soft sandy beaches and more important 2 very fun people.

It will be a very good opportunity to fix my tan lines that are starting to look like a checkerboard! Do not change your bathing suit ladies. It will just cause more and more weird lines and stupid X’s when combined. I now have 3 “x” shapes on my back. A ring shape on my upper back between my shoulder blades and a tie behind my neck. Let’s not forget the oh so lovely seat belt tan on my left shoulder across my upper chest. One more problem! My white tattoo can not be seen, I refuse to have it inked again. My left arm is darker than my right arm. My mom made one of her maids scrub me to death to try and fix it when she visited! I’ll tell you right now, that was not the worst she did to me!

I have came to a temporary solution of wearing a band aid on my white tattoo till the tan fades away. Slabbing on tons of sunscreen didn’t do the trick! If not I will do the unmentionable and ink it again, probably with the white ink that glows in the dark this time. Although I hate clubbing. It will make me happy when I want to go to sleep !

no time to correct it! I need to study remember!! Just go play the game!!


~ by Purple Velvet on August 14, 2009.

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