The Bitch & The Drag

Just got my ass whipped by my trainer with an extra 20 minutes on Stairmaster and an extra 50 squats. I was busted for having a not so happy meal after all!! Why did I open the door with a chicken nugget in my hand? I tried to get out of my workout by complaining about my underwire bra. He patiently told me with a calm voice to take it off or go to my loft and change into a sports bra while he waits. I told him it was OK and that “I actually was hoping you end the session instead”.

Doing some practice exams and hoping to god I don’t over dose on my caffeine pills.(brand-new addiction) I scroll through my TIVO while making bubbles with my bubble gum… I settled on this show. *for two reasons:

1-I will be in HOTLANTA early morning tomorrow!
2-I just got my ass whipped as they do to each other on this show the whole time.

I am currently watching reruns of TRHW of ATL. My boyfriend absolutely knows what I like and always makes sure I have “good” bad TV so I can unwind! I decided to post this and dedicate it along with the clip to my beloved Targa. He is a huge fan of the show; moreover, worships Nene.

After the following part of the reunion- what I would call The crème de la crème of the whole “reality” show- all you people not living in the states, will have a complete idea of the craziness that goes on throughout TRHW of ATL!

The highlights of this clip:

NENE:”Close your legs to married men!”
NENE:”Close your legs to married men! You heard me”
NENE:”Close your legs to married men!You heard it”

NENE:”Look.. you better not.. Let me let you know somthin,cuz you made a comment already that you would beat my ass,I like to see dat happen! I like to see dat happen! I like to see dat happen!!”

NENE:”You can’t sing .. you can’t sing ..YOU can not sing!!” (I would have to agree with that.. she totally sucks… sucks so bad my ears started bleeding).

NENE:”You ain’t getting no record deal”

-KIM:”Watch Bitch” (No, you’re wrong! You are the Bitch. She is The Drag… get it straight Bitch!)

NENE:” I’ll see you outside” (she is totally gonna get her ass whipped and her wig pulled by that drag queen).


NENE:”FUCK YOU TOO BITCH” (at least she said “too”, so she is acknowledging that they are both fucked now)
NENE:”You touch me girl, I will wear that wig off your head” (told you she was a drag)
NENE:”White trash, straight hooker” (??)
NENE:”Andy, I’m a respect you and let you do da interview with this TRASH BOX go right ahead.” pause “TRASHY HOOKER!”



~ by Purple Velvet on August 10, 2009.

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