#follow friday


Which ever way you want to write it!

To all my new followers:

1-I would like to inform you that most of my tweets contain a lot of cursing and bitching about almost everything. If you ever notice they don’t, I might not be feeling well.

2-Some of my tweets might not be suitable for underage followers, your call!

If you decide to follow… I am mostly good at following back. If I don’t just write me something and I most certainly will.

However, If you do annoy me later on in life I will drop you like a hot potato. My real life has enough annoying people that unluckily I can’t simply UN FOLLOW !

Update: Today was my first official unfollow which happened a minute into Friday 9/18. Some Guy Just had to much too say… PEACE

For legal purposes I must tell you: Followers discretion is advised

OK. Here we go, this idea of having a your FF list on your blog, was stolen from Khaled a fellow tweeter. I absolutely do not want him to sue me therefore, I give him complete credit. However, I always manage to put a twist on things and give them a whole new feel.


My Husband @refa3i

My Lover @cecedesouza

My Future Lover @du3a

My Friend @3thbi

My Oh so lovely @nasque who has an amazing loft.

Want to see your name here give me a reason to… make me laugh, mad or simply annoy me that also might work!

A pain in the butt @beingmoe

Just a goat @trixiethegoat

More Tweople– added per their request:

Mr. @NasserTJ

Fun Tweeps:













I sometime throw in a FESS FRIDAY my personal #FF . If you follow me you are expected to answer even via DM.

Some #FF‘s are: Have you ever cheated on your significant other?

What is the highest number of people you had a relation with at the same time?

Do you secretly hate your wife/husband?

Please be advised that your answer will not have an impact on your following status what so ever.

In fact it might land you a spot on this list!




~ by Purple Velvet on August 7, 2009.

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