Who doesn’t love cupcakes? I failed to make them but have always loved licking the icing on top. The cake part meh… well not so much!

Since KC moved to my department, a series of yummy cupcakes have emerged in my work place. He knows I hate doughnuts and gives me a cupcake after my morning meetings. I told him how disgusted I feel looking at all these respectable physicians behave like cops with huge beer bellies downing those gross jelly doughnuts. (Jelly doughnuts should be cops’ exclusive) He was peaking through a slit and signing at me to come out. He then gave me a cupcake. I started liking the icing off as I said: “look at them go… that is totally inappropriate”. I felt much better and went back in.

The other day I was so sad and he got me a chart I had asked for with a tiny box on top.
The list goes on. Now, the day has come where I swear off cupcakes. Each of those tiny bitches costs me a painful StairMaster session. It would be so amazing to have A StairMaster at work. I can have the cupcake while working out. Yeah…. another thing I would like at work is weed! Yes weed… it seems to help people through life. I will only use it for medical purposes which is … working in a hospital! I will also call it Medical Marijuana :/
At work I will be asking for it in the oh so legal name “Medical cannabis”.
Oh well… you can’t have it all. Morphine? hmmm….

~ by Purple Velvet on August 4, 2009.

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