Sunglasses to work !!!

I am not talking about wearing them like a normal person on your way to work! I have actually been wearing them since 7am after I felt I had just been hit by a bus… all the glare from the screen in this dark room. My new Targa edition, the cute PCA in the department came and asked me:” what’s up hot stuff you don’t look your self…. are you OK?” He came a half hour later to give me a file with a tiny box on top and his ipod. He cleaned the ear thingies with an alcohol swab and kissed me a cheer up kiss(as he called it).

I am now writing this post waiting for a 45 minute FMRI to be over. Then I will get back to work. Warning!! If you have reached this part… It is not too late to close the damn page! I am in a very sad, unpleasant mood + I will not proof read!

Last night, I simply could not sleep I drank too much Red Bull late at night although half of it got confiscated on my way to the airport. It takes a lot to cheer me up or make me laugh. I get less and less giggly as I grow up. I was searching for funny stuff the other day and an ice cream scoop falling down on the sidewalk with all do respect to America’s funniest home videos or what ever British TV show it was on … is NOT funny. I decided to google funny stuff in Arabic. Stuff I might relate to and really make me laugh!

My search returned this:

The kicker is to you people who can read Arabic was the following category:
قــســم أحـداث الـسـاعـة. … مقاطع الفيديو المضحكة
الأمير المطرب فيصل بن منصور آل سعود‎ ( فيديو كليب )

which means funny video clips… current …something.. (not sure :s)

I clicked on the link and this masterpiece was revealed!!

-I can not believe how much this guy has talent!!! He is singing with his sunglasses on. In the rain. At night. And running backwards!! All without loosing balance or slipping!!

-How on earth do they have 2 ovens in the kitchen? W O W !!(very important to make sure they are two before attempting suicide by gas leak and turn ALL the knobs).

-You have to be in formal wear and take your drugs in the bathtub wearing dress shoes!

-Not sure about the “Hindu” red dot thing and the “Muslim” hijab on the same “shorty”. Works for me!!

-The guy in yellow gets a taste of the green juice he poured all over just to proof that he was serious about burning him self alive!

-The happy ending of everyone in the Hotel Lobby or whatever that was, with the OH so pretty bride running like crazy.

So… my points were not in chronological order it was to painful to watch again.

It was during a late night gossip session with Targa that I decided to link him and then thought about tweeting it too all my lovely followers. Everyone needs to listen to good music. Although in this case it is all about the video. It was ABSOLUTE AWESOMENESS. I hash tagged this amazing song #Fuckingmusicmiddleofthenighttuesday

?why are all the girls wearing hijab? not complaining just asking.
?why does the guy in the yellow have a beer belly? or is it from the gasoline he drank?
?what was he thinking when he made this video is the most important question of all??
?how dare he call a woman wearing hijab shorty?
?does “shorty” know how to swim? or is she supposed to drown?

To all you out there who would like to have it on your ipod whether it is to jam to or simply to work out… the gracious “singer” is offering a FREE MP3 version HERE

I have an even more challenging task of my own, which is to get Targa as I promised him that fabulous Pleather jacket of his. Nothing wrong with pleather!!! We don’t want to upset PETA and it doubles for a rain coat!

Now back to work and I blame this gorgeous R&B singer for causing me subconsciously to keep my sunglasses on up to this moment.


~ by Purple Velvet on July 28, 2009.

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