I am currently… dancing and jumping on my couch 😀 I feel 6 again!

Soo, random… sitting on my sofa, eating salad with lots of sliced hot peppers…ouch…a fellow tweeter suggests I drink milk! I don’t think so buddy!! That is gross… If I was done eating, then maybe? Currently, I am still enjoying it besides the hotness….WHy do I do this every time? Every single time!! Requesting peppers and lemon on everything!! EFT!!!!

Flipping through the crap my TIVO recorded for me. Meh.. After 2 hours of recorded episodes of SATC. I switch to live TV and scroll through the guide… what… back, back…. was that Ghostbusters? Yup! Sure is… GBII the one where Mrs. Liberty goes crazy.. It is now on AMCHDahh..

When there’s something strange in your neighborhood…”Who you gonna call? GHOSTBUSTERS!!” …

I grew up with this move 1984 GBI. GBII 1989. Yes! At last GBIII 2012 🙂

Remember their crazy car???

The hot hunks that wear those crazy suits…..whom you get to take pictures with at Universal Studios…. ahh…I am very obsessed! I then decide to google it… It is impossible they forgot all about it!!! Little did I know…. Sure enough…. It is here at last!!!!! Or rather in the making!!

Busting makes me feel GOOD… wish I could bust some ghosts of my own 😉


~ by Purple Velvet on July 11, 2009.

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