Funky Town

All happy and dancing? It is a Funky Town indeed!!!!! I am not going to ease into this nor sugar coat it. Nothing is bad about it. It is the sick thinking!! The song should be enough!

OK…. I am so sick and tired of people around me denying the fact that gays are among us. Yes! US…. as in human beings from Saudi Arabia. Wake up sister.. will ya? We have them all: the straight guy, the gay guy, the wanna be straight &the wanna be gay. It is your brother, your uncle and I am so sorry to be the one to tell you, it is your husband. Yes, the father of your 3 children…….

I will not go into the religion prospective because as Wikipedia says it all… follow the link.

It is true. Accept it. They are Muslims, they pray, even fast in Ramadan and some don’t drink alcohol! Religion is not a whole package. You don’t have the right to say why do they even bother, if they are living like this. Don’t hit me with that one liner(Allah y3feehum wala ybtleena….) It is not an illness. It is not a choice. It is simply who they are and what they prefer. I am a very accepting person. I think sexuality and religion is nobody’s business but their own. They do not have to share it nor justify.

Why? I don’t know why? All I know is it shouldn’t bother other people, it does them no harm. Do we blame the society? That would be a legitimate reason. The segregation might be perfect to blame. What about Europe? You knuckle heads! They all seem pretty gay to me. I absolutely think that everybody there looks gay. The straights are metro sexual, so can’t really tell.

However, I do believe that there are some cases where one of the following could lead a gay person to discover his other side or even a not so straight guy to be pushed toward it:

1- Married a virgin, stuck with 3 kids and never been with another women but his wife. Gets bored when he reaches 27, opts for a guy because that was the easier option. (Salim)
2-Raised in a very religious family, could not contact girls what so ever… summer 2007, goes to a camp in Thumamah and hooks up randomly with a closeted gay guy that really liked him.(Mu3ath)
3-Raised with girls treated like one, had to hide his feminine side in order not to be ridiculed and judged from his own parents. (Yazeed)
4-Men that live in the stone age and opt for 12 year old boys because it is the closest they can get to feeling woman like. The stories we hear about famous drifters’ names, that do that to impress them and take them for a ride while listening to a certain type of music (kasrat). (Naf3) {no culture or religion accepts this, yet our nation knows and talks about it’s existence}.
5-Let’s not forget stupid (Bashar) since a young age was in summer camps and boarding schools and thought it would be cool to behave like them and started hooking up with his roommates.
6-(Abu Sarah) Mid 40’s got married in the 70’s when nobody could even think of hinting to be gay. Only now, was he able to gather with friends and be known as (Muneerah).

And many many more cases… which I might list on a separate post.

Not everything has to have a reason. Even when we know the reason, we don’t think it is good enough. What is normal? I think that if a guy is 10% gay with certain situations such as the previous going around him, he might turn into a full blown gay. Can we say 200% gay?

I am not saying it should be allowed. We rule by Islam. I do not see it happening nor think it is important. Even when (Saudi gays) are in other places around the world, they choose not to come out. Due to Culture and religion.

(Although other Khaleeji countries are asking for their rights, won’t get into that though)

Girls will be discussed on a separate post.

I read a very interesting article and care to share it with all my readers. She is an amazing writer based in New York. It is a fairly old article. However, I am sure some of you may have not read it yet.

I am posting it because some of my friends couldn’t follow my link on Twitter. Apparently the word GAY is such a Taboo…. it is censored!

Click on the tag “article”.

However, if you are in the civilized part of the world, here is the link:


~ by Purple Velvet on July 11, 2009.

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