I am sooo upset!!! So… I won’t be editing any of the juicy posts in my draft. I will write about these strawberries that I just bought, trying to keep it light. (refer to brother post for further details)
I always seem to do my grocery shopping while hungry.. furthermore, without a shopping list.. Yes, I am that ignorant. I buy everything that tempts me even if it’s stuff I normally would never eat. However, sometimes by coincidence I would walk into the store minutes after having dinner…all the sudden… the stuff I am getting is all healthy,organic and tastes like paste. I always get silk milk (soy milk) I just think I don’t need lactose in my body at this age.. it really makes me gain weight. I gave up sodas at home long time ago and I am very happy with my decision. I enjoy a root beer every once in a while, sometimes I make a float with adding a scoop of vegan vanilla ice cream… alone it tastes like crap but in the float you really can’t tell the difference. I live on cereals.. my brother thinks I might need an intervention after seeing all the boxes on top of my fridge.I explained that all these boxes were there for different reasons also mood swings he might never understand. I want cocoa puffs when I am upset, pms’ing, depressed or stressed. I want Trix when I am watching cartoons if I ever wake up early on a Saturday morning. Cheerios and rice krispies are my all time favorites. My healthy choices are wheetabix or all bran.. ugh..Yeah, I know!
Every time I see strawberries, I am so tempted to buy them. No matter what the price is … an off season 17$ little package or a 3$ summer large one. I never took a chance to even think if I actually like them or not. It is like people are not allowed to NOT like strawberries. I am normally full by the time I get home whether it’s from the butterfinger I was eating on my way home or the coffee that killed my appetite while doing my groceries. Next morning, I get out of bed after hitting the snooze button a dozen times…so rushed, I barely can make it to my local Starbucks to get my caffeine fix before heading off to work. The days I have school are always more mellow. I tend to skip class a lot. Too Cool For School is a slogan I live by. Two days later I see the strawberries and remember I had gotten them. I take them out of the fridge and throw them straight in the trash can. They are already moldy eww. Why do they spoil so fast :s
Today I walk into Zabar’s, buy 4 packs of strawberries and leave. It was some kind of deal or something. I decided to rule out my like or dislike for strawberries. I walk in, my brother asks me if I actually have some kind of problem and why I always buy in bulk. He continues by stating: he thinks I need to seek some sort of help. I told him about the deal, he interrupted me saying it is just you, deals are for large households that actually eat the stuff. Retailers target idiots like yourself. Well I’ll be damned! I told him about my dilemma while he was surprisingly cooking… about strawberries…the like, the dislike….The fields and picking trips my parents used to take me on. I paused for a while… hmm I remember the picking but not actually eating them. He calls my mom and asks: will you put this damn thing to rest? Does your daughter eat strawberries? My mom says: I think so…. I am busy maybe you two should call me when you have more important things to say! Maybe it’s the Strawberry Shortcake bed sheets I had till high school???
Dinner is ready and I didn’t even bother pulling a plate. I took one spoonful from the pot and announced it as inedible. Pizza with anchovies… what do you care for? I’ll have whatever your having he said. While waiting on the pizza I washed some of the strawberries and started munching on them. I gave my brother the bowl and said here have some… I don’t think I like them. They taste alright but nothing to be crazy over.
Is it possible for someone to hate strawberries?
I don’t hate them but I really don’t think they taste good!! I’d rather have an apple with peanut butter. Let me rephrase the question…
Is it possible for anybody to not like strawberries?
Or further more not love them?
The pizza arrives.. I open the box press a piece of paper towel to absorb some of the grease from the cheese, I sprinkle some crushed red peppers on it and hand it to my brother. Just as I grabbed my slice he shouted…. what the hell is this sardines???? I thought you said anchovies? Well, this is anchovies…..he says:Isn’t anchovies a vegetable… I continue eating as I correct him anchovies is a kind of a very fishy fish similar to sardines… I think you mean artichokes! Enjoy your “lamb kabsa“.

PS. If there are typos…who cares pls. refer to my first post ever!

~ by Purple Velvet on June 30, 2009.

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